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    Hi Everyone - I'm New

    welcome monika, you'll find lots of support here, and knowledge. be well. kerry B)
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    Getting To Know You - Archives

    hi all, my name is kerry, and I just turned 30. my dad was diagnosed with scleroderma (i think localized) about 3 years ago. i like to come here for support and to learn more about his condition. my friends really don't understand, so it's hard to talk to them about it. i myself work in the pool/spa/stove industry in WA. single with no kids, less drama that way lol. so I spoil my nephews instead and babysit them when I need a kid-fix :) you may not see many posts from me since I myself don't have scleroderma, but I do read the threads here. i feel for all of you, as I see my dad suffer. i hope someday sooner than later they can find a cure, so everybody can get back to normal, or close to it. be well everyone. kerry B)
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    Quick Question

    thank you all for your replies. bookworm, to answer your question my dad has been seein a dr. for atleast 2 years now for this, whether or not he's a rheumatologist I can't remember, but he is the only dr. in the area with as much knowledge as he has with scleroderma. he is a great dr. but I think the problem is my dad has too much pride to address the issue when, and if it comes up. i spose if it gets really bad again I couldsay something, but I think my best bet is to listen when he talks and hide when he's angry lol. i get alotta knowledge from reading these forums, alot easier than reading the scary books. so thank you all for bein here. take care, and be well kerry B)
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    Weird Feeling In Feet

    sounds like raynauds, my dad gets that, it's also accompanied by a tingly feeling. he bought an electric heater to keep by his feet when not moving around. be well. kerry B)
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    Quick Question

    hello all, i hope you're not all in too much pain from the cold season. i have a quick question (men please read). i notice in the winter months when my dad's pain is worse, and his raynauds (sp?) acts up really bad, that he sometimes seems to get depressed as well from all of this scleroderma business, i'm still having issues with it myself. so I was wondering has this happened to anyone else? if so how do you suggest to a man that he may be depressed, i don't know if I should mention it. there's alot more that I don't talk about, and my dad doesn't like serious talks, especially about depression. any suggestions? they have cut down my dad's dose of methotrxate (sp?) and he's not doing too bad with that, but his pain is sometimes unbearable. and it's really hard for me to watch him try to move around from his joints being so stiff. i'm sorry I kinda let some stuff out there, but you guys and gals can understand, my friends don't get it. thanx for listening. try to stay warm out there, and be well. kerry B)