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  1. Hi Amberjolie, It's been a long time since I've posted, though I have been keeping up. The skin on my face loosened again quite a few years ago now. Only my dentist can still notice a difference. And I'm getting saggy skin and wrinkles more or less on schedule. :( When my skin was tight, what helped was slathering a thick layer of super-dry moisturizer (the thick solid stuff) over my face every night, including over my eyelids. Be sure that whatever you use is labeled as safe to use around your eyes. I think I have smallish eyes, and always wear a thin line of dark eyeliner
  2. I used to be exhausted and yawning all the time. Turned out that I was waking up fully probably about every half hour all night long because of reflux. And I had constant nightmares that I was suffocating, probably when I was aspirating in my sleep. I had the head of my bed flat and wasn't on any reflux meds at all. When those things got fixed, I started sleeping a whole lot better. Hugs, warmheart
  3. Hi miocean, Well, I'm not a doctor, but could it possibly be because you're slowly getting your leg muscles back in shape? Just a thought; could be totally wrong. Maybe the best place to start is with your primary care doctor, because that way he can coordinate the communication between all the doctors. Hope your legs are feeling better soon! Wish I could just wave a magic wand for you. Hugs, warmheart
  4. Hi Erika, Nice to hear from you! That's great news! And your vacation sounds amazing!!! It has been so hot here even since May. It was good for my Raynaud's for awhile, but I've been working so many hours that it gets worse again from tiredness anyway. Today was cool and beautiful--wish it would stay like this until fall. Bon voyage! :bye: Hugs, warmheart
  5. Hi Jane, Welcome to the forums! I was really fortunate (well, I guess) to have severe enough esophageal involvement that the diagnosis was pretty clear all along. I was pretty healthy otherwise for quite a few years, so I happily flew under the diagnostic radar until recently. No longer being undiagnosed definitely has its downside, but for me now the pluses outweigh the minuses. It makes doctor visits simpler, I feel much better on the meds I'm on now, and also feel a whole lot safer knowing that my rheumatologist is keeping an eye on my lungs. "I'm feeling psychological today"--lo
  6. Hi Janet, What an awesome article! And you are so awesome--you totally rock. It was great to read about the change your friends see since the transplant. :emoticons-yes: Hugs, warmheart
  7. Yeah, I'm not happy about it either, especially since I have to take 80 mg. a day of Prilosec until they come up with a better med someday. But there's no alternative; there's a risk of fracture if I take it, but a certainty of destroying my esophagus altogether if I don't. So it's a no-brainer for me, and I don't let myself stress out about it. Hugs, warmheart
  8. Congrats, Jeannie! You're awesome!!! Hugs, warmheart :happy-day:
  9. Hi Lisa, That's awesome news! The day will come before you know it. :happy-day: I know what you mean about wanting to see--I had spinal anesthesia once for an operation, and I was very disappointed that I couldn't watch the proceedings. That said, it's probably for the best not to see! Hugs, warmheart :)
  10. Hi Jason, Welcome to the Forums! Can we assume you're a Royals fan? :D Take care, warmheart
  11. Hi Lisa, I'd go for the smiley face too! oh, you'd think the hospital could put you on the payroll. You have a full-time job there! Good luck with it all; hope everything goes well on the 19th. Hugs, warmheart :)
  12. Hi Lisa, Yes, how are you, and how are things going? I've been thinking of you and wondering too. Hugs, warmheart
  13. Hi Nolaboo, Welcome to the Forums! I hope things go well for you with your new doctors. Sometimes it's not easy to find good doctors, but once you have and they've gotten to know you, it makes such a big difference, doesn't it? No doctor should ever make you feel inferior or stupid, and to me a sign of a really good doctor (and good person) is that he or she never would. It's good that you've been able to stay with your primary care doctor. Please let us know how things go for you! Hugs, warmheart :)
  14. Hi Shelley, Boy, Gene really has been through the wringer! I'm glad his Nissen fundoplication did the job for him. I did thought of asking about a dilatation, but I don't really want one anyway if I can avoid it. Ten years ago, after I was first diagnosed and no stricture was found, one of the gastroenterologists (he specialized in the esophagus) decided to try a dilatation anyway just in case. It was done in the endoscopy unit, but the way it was done was that I sat un-medicated in an ordinary chair in an exam room, and he took the largest bougie out of the tray (it looked a lot li
  15. Hi miocean, What awesome news!!! Hugs, warmheart :emoticons-yes:
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