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    Trying to get eyes to look normal again.

    Hi Amberjolie, It's been a long time since I've posted, though I have been keeping up. The skin on my face loosened again quite a few years ago now. Only my dentist can still notice a difference. And I'm getting saggy skin and wrinkles more or less on schedule. :( When my skin was tight, what helped was slathering a thick layer of super-dry moisturizer (the thick solid stuff) over my face every night, including over my eyelids. Be sure that whatever you use is labeled as safe to use around your eyes. I think I have smallish eyes, and always wear a thin line of dark eyeliner on both upper and lower lids, and also plenty of mascara. It makes my eyes look much bigger and bolder. Also, my lips are naturally thin, and glossy lipstick or gloss in a bright color makes them look fuller and balances my face. Hope this helps! Hugs, warmheart