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  1. Hi Peanut,


    Welcome back!!!!


    I've been following your transplant and recovery story; it's great that you're doing so well. I'm a HUGE fan of your artwork!






    P.S. Thanks for the awesome avatar! It's perfect!

  2. Hi, & happy Thanksgiving!


    I just want to add--be careful with space heaters. When I'd get the chills (we all know how that goes) and Raynaud's attacks I used to sit right over my little space heater with my feet sitting on it. I didn't appreciate how bad my neuropathy was until I realized that I felt afterward like I was walking on a comfy cloud because my burned soles were all blistered! I never felt the burns. Please be careful!

  3. Hi Leonidas,


    I'm sorry your mother has scleroderma, and just want to say 'Hi." I'm no expert, but do know that methotrexate is often used in scleroderma treatment. There's lots of medical information on the site that you can browse through, and also I'm sure you'll be hearing very soon from other people in the forum.


    Take care,