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  1. What did I do for approx 18yrs - well, basically I worked in Retail, worked for the same grocery chain for 18yrs - did work as a Cashier, worked the Courtesy Booth, stocked shelves, you name it, the only thing I didn't do was work in the meat/deli department - guess they didn't trust me with knives/slicers - LOL........... Now, I'm just a wife, Mom, Grandmom................ :) Donna
  2. I was orginally put on IMURAN for my Autoimmune Hepatitis, and my rheumatologist says let's just stick with that for now..........I know it's keeping my liver under control by the constant blood work that is done, but can't say I actually feel better SD wise, I don't have Lung Involvement, or Kidney or Heart, so maybe it is keeping that at bay... When I first started Imuran, I did a great deal of research, and yes, down the road it can cause other problems, but if I didn't take it, I was going to eventually need a liver transplant, so I live in the present, and try not to worry about the future - will cross that bridge, when and if I come to it.......... Take Care...... Donna
  3. Unfortunately, I still puff away too - what I need is a buddy system..............My husband smokes also, but with his work hours, it's kinda hard to be there for one another.......... Wishing you the very best.......... Donna :)
  4. Hello everyone - once again, haven't been here in a long time...but going to take a shot at this question of swelling......... I personally do not think I put on any weight (but I'm heavier to begin with) - now my fingers are always swollen, and sometimes other areas, but I would think as long as your kidney function is fine, you shouldn't be putting on weight from that kind of swelling, but of course when you are less active, YES, then definetly you could gain weight... I can go up and down in a few weeks time - usually within a 5lb range, and with this disease, I would think almost anything is possible.......... HUGS......Donna
  5. As most of the others have already stated - Just be sure it's the cats........ I also have five cats and without them my life would be so empty - Little Story Here: When my son was little, he had a friend that had Asthma, and saw an allergist on a regular basis - that allergist claims that you can be allergic to one cat and not the other - and my son's friend's Mother and I got to be friends - but here in Eastern, PA, USA there is a test they can actually do to determine if you are allergic to a certain cat - I remember very well where the Mother had to take a small clipping of the cat's hair to the doctor, and they did this test, and my son's friend was not allergic to the cat they had for many years........ Also one of the most important things with cat/dog allergies is to do your best to keep them out of your bedroom or from laying their head on anything where you might put your head........ I wish you the very best....Have you ever checked a container of cat litter from the store - it says right on the box, use with care with people with compromised immune systems - and I do take precautions for I wouldn't know what to do without my cats....... I truly hope everything works out for you...... Take Care.........Hugs........Donna
  6. Just commenting on my personal eating habits..... I sometimes think I could go days without eating, if I knew I wouldn't get very ill.......... There is no way I can eat breakfast anymore - so I drink a generic liquid diet drink - at least it has vitamins in....... I can't eat Lunch, and have to force myself to eat Dinner anymore, and some nights I could just gag at the thought of eating......... I guess nothing really appeals to me anymore, and thus making it really tough, because it has made me not want to cook anymore, although I still do it.........I can only eat so much, and then that is it........I've had enough....... All my doctors know of my eating habits, and haven't really screamed at me yet - they all say, it's not the best, but just hope I will continue to do my best to eat a half decent dinner.......... I haven't lost any weight, but a lot of people tell me that is because I'm not eating enough and my metabolism is slowing down...... Take Care........Hugs.......Donna
  7. Katherine, I have not been active on this board in such a long time, so you might not even know me - but I have been where you are and it's not easy - yes, you will feel guilt and everything else - BUT - I'm sure if you talked to any of your doctors, or your Mother's doctors, they will tell you that you are doing the right thing... No matter how much we love and care for our parents, we can't always continue to care for them.... I cared for my Mother in my home from the time my Father passed away in '96 up until 2001, when my Mother got worse, but then I still gave it another shot after she had some surgery, but once she was sent to a Nursing Home for rehab, and I saw how I was, and saw how my Mother was, I knew in my heart that I could no longer care for her... Did I feel guilty, yes I did - and it's just my opinion, but I think anyone that has been that devoted to their Mother or Father and caring for them, and then the time comes when you can't do it any longer, it is just natural......... I'm very sorry to hear of how your brother and his wife feels, just check in on your Mother when you can, and hopefully in time, she will agree to an Assisted Living Facility where she can be around people her age, and all that these places have to offer...After my Mom was in the NH, I still brought her home on special occassions and holidays - did it wear me down, yes it did, but it made me feel really good mentally and made my day... As I said, I haven't been active on her for so long, maybe you can't bring her to your home now and then, but just keep letting your Mother know that even though you are no longer caring for her, that you still care and love her and everything will be fine.... I wish you the very best in this sad situation..... Hang in there...........Hugs.......Donna
  8. Barbs, Extending my 'Deepest Sympathy' to you !!! I know the feeling all too well (My Mom passed in May 2005), she also had dementia and like it was stated - there's nothing like losing your Mom, no matter how old you may be......... She is at peace now and free of pain & suffering........ Hugs, Donna
  9. All I can say is, I'm so sorry for what anyone goes through with the Shingles... I had the Shingles about 4yrs before being diagnosed, and I would have rather given birth 5 times than have the kind of pain I did with the shingles.... Take Care.........hugs.........Donna
  10. I have had vericose veins since about the age of 12yrs old - and at that time, it was only one vein - but by the 1970's they got worse, and a doctor suggested I have surgery to remove them before I would have children - I was 24yrs at that time.........Well in '86 when I was pregnant, they came back worse than ever - I had seen a Vascular doctor in 1994, who said he could do the surgery again, or wear special RX Stockings - he also stated that even if I did have the surgery, I would need to wear the stockings the rest of my life anyway......... Well, I've been wearing them since '94, but the compression from the stockings has caused me more problems with my feet....So some days I wear them, others I do not...I was also once told that Vericose Veins are heriditary, and my Dad had them, and so did my Aunt....... They do sell a compression sock at medical stores or a regular pharmacy, those are the ones that are not very restricting - but it might be worth a shot, also try to elevate those legs whenever you can - it does help with the pain......... Take Care.........hugs......Donna
  11. Hi Helen :) I have been getting the flu shot since about 1994, also got the pneumonia shot a couple of years ago - here in the USA, I think sometimes it depends on the doctor, clinic whatever when they determine about the pneumonia shot - my doctor says every 5-8yrs it should be repeated....At one time they did say it would last a lifetime, but they have since changed their ideas on that....... Now with the flu shot - most definetly - the flu shot we receive here in the USA DOES NOT have a live culture in it, so you are safe... When flu shots have been scarce here, I actually can get them before some others because of my SD... I know there is a flu vaccine that is given through your nostrils, and if I'm correct, that one is a NO, NO, because it has live cultures in it........ I was always told anything with live cultures I should stay away from, not only myself, but if my grandchildren, or whomever get any vaccines that have live cultures in, I am told not to go near them for atleast 10-14days ....... Take Care..........hugs........Donna
  12. I am so sorry to hear this - But please know that you & your family are in my Thoughts !! Take Care.........HUGS.........Donna
  13. Pretty soon everyone will be calling me the foot person or something - LOL - OK, Here is another problem I have - and NO doctor has any suggestions for me: I have been wearing knee high support stockings that are only available with an RX from a Doctor since 1994 - The last time I got a few pairs, I told the woman at the Medical Supply store I wanted to be re-measured, because I really feel these stockings (even though they are open toe) are causing me more pain and grief when it comes to my feet and toes.......You can see how it actually compresses my toes - So she did re-measure me and I went into a 'petite' in hopes of bringing the stockings back further away from my toes - it has helped a tiny, tiny, bit, but it still compresses the upper foot, and then causes me more pain........ My Podiatrist says don't wear them - but my other doctors say - WEAR THEM - all because I have bad vericose veins, and if I go too long without them, then my legs get very swollen and just hurt..... **I'm also afraid of getting a blood clot if I don't wear them - it's like a catch 22 - you can't win........ I've had a vericose vein problem since the age of 12yrs old,(& I was even skinny then - LOL ) and then they got worse - by the time I was 24yrs old, I had both legs done to 'strip them of the vericose veins' - but then when I was pregnant with my son they came back full force - I have seen a vascular surgeon since, and don't really know if I would want that surgery again - especially with all my other medical problems now...... I really don't know what I'm asking from anyone or in the way of suggestions - But any ideas or whatever - some doctors or medical professionals say they are not the cause of the added pain, but when I have them on, you can see how they compress my toes/feet........ Thanks Again..........HUGS.......Donna :)
  14. Yes, I'm finally starting to come out of the woodwork as they say, and try to be more active on here - asking more questions, and also trying to help anyone else... OK, My question is What type of sock do you wear?? I ask this because I'm having more and more trouble finding the right kind of socks - I must have a zillion socks upstairs, and either they are too tight fitting that they put pressure on my toes, or some are a bit loose in the toe area, and then that only causes bunching and rubbing - which I don't need more aggrivation from...... I've tried thinner socks, thicker socks, feels like I've tried them all......... I was once told to treat my feet like someone with diabetis - I also have the heavy sweater socks to wear around the house in the winter, but they don't work too well with shoes :o *****So I would like to know what works for some of you ? I also do have only one pair of diabetic socks that I once purchased, but they just don't seem to fit right either - I wear a 71/2 XX Wide Shoe - sometimes even a XXX Wide depending on the shoe - if not, my already swollen toes, feet get more irritated...........I 'usually' have to go to a Medical supply store, or order online - although I don't feel the Medical supply store shoes are much better than going online........I'm basically a sneaker type of woman, except for Church, weddings, etc.......then I just dread that...... :( It seems like it is such an ordeal anymore to go out and buy shoes/socks - and I dread it more and more......... Thanks Again for any suggestions/opinions....... Take Care..........HUGS.........Donna :)
  15. Irene, I was on Amitriptyline quite a few years ago, and it did help me with sleep...I don't even remember why I was taken off of it - I now take Trazadone, which is also used for depression and sleep......... Your sleeping habits seem like mine - I can never get moving till later in the day - and was always up to atleast 2am - but I'm trying harder to make it to bed by midnight - My Sleep Study doctor also has me on Lyrica to help me get into a deeper sleep & it 'usually' works pretty good...Just that no matter what time I go to bed, and what time I get up - I'm always tired - most of my energy comes after Supper/Dinner time..... Wishing you the best, and hope it works well for you.......... Take Care.......Hugs......Donna :)
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