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  1. Hi Karen, I also use mineral powder make up. I like Physicians Formula, it's talc free mineral loose powder and it covers well.
  2. Chico78, I have a couple of ulcers almost every year, but a couple of years ago I had an extremely severe one on my right ring finger. It had gangrene on the tip and they were talking amputation, I went to the wound clinic at the hospital every week. Digital ulcers are the most painful thing I've ever experienced. My doctor decided on hyperbaric oxygen therapy, I had to go everyday for 22 days. It is expensive, but my insurance did cover most of it and my finger healed. My fingers on my right hand are shorter than the ones on my left, but that's okay, I'm just thankful for having all of th
  3. I love all of your ideas, wind mills are the first thing my doctor told me to try giong on 8 years ago. I'm so clumsy that everytime I try them, I hit my sore fingers on something(ouch!) So of course don't be dingy, like me, make sure there is nothing around you. I do just swing them back & forth and wiggle around to stay warm if I'm not at home near my heating pad and blanket.
  4. Hi Tangelo, I feel the same way often, I always just guess that it's some kind of flare up from sclero. I'm with Sweet, I just try to wait it out feeling blah. It always has gone away after a few days to a week for me. I take plaquenil also, I'm not sure I have felt any relief from it but it is supposed to slow disease progression. Take care and I hope you feel better soon!
  5. Peanut, I read that you take Revatio, my dr. prescibed it to me almost 1 month ago. I am curious about the dosage you take because he wasn't sure what to start me at, he asked me what I have read, but I couldn't remember the mg or how often. I am just taking 20mg and I noticed a difference in my ulcers in the first week (I currently have two,I have had them since fall) However the healing has slowed down some again but still seems to be working better than calcium channel blockers & beta blockers. I also had two starting on my other hand and they are healed, so I have faith that i
  6. Wow I haven't posted for a long time, I really need to get on here more often. I read where a few people listed the sun as being one of the things we need to give up with scleroderma. My rheumatologist has always told me that the sun is good for me because of vitamin D as long as I wear sunscreen. I did read a bit about it after I read that post, I'm wondering if he says it's ok because I have no skin tightning. My sister in law even had a question on her state boards for nursing about the sun and sclero, the answer was that it is good for sclero patient. I hope I don't have to give up sun too
  7. I also have scleroderma and fibro, in October my doctor wanted me to try Cymbalta for my fibro. I have terrible pain in my hips everyday, and in my back I have pain and a burning sensation. I really didn't think it would work , but after about 2 1/2 weeks I noticed my hips were no longer in pain nor is my back. It doesn't help me with the sclero related pain (for me it is mostly my hands) but it has been a life saver for me. I also have no side effects from it, I prefer it over strong pain meds all the time. I would say it's worth checking into. Hope this helps a little. Stay warm. Diana
  8. Thank you for the replies, when we went in for his sports physical I talked to the doctor about his raynaud's episodes and told him about my scleroderma. He put the labs in the computer so we could go when Justin felt comfortable, a few days later I had to go in for my normal blood work so we did it together. I will continue to watch him Sweet, my 9 yr old tested a year and a half ago because of some problems he was having. His doctor knew my history so she decided to check everything, he turned out to have high pos ANA, neg RA. The problems he was having turned out to be pnuemonia, she fin
  9. Hi everyone, A few months back I posted a concern of mine dealing with my 15 yr. old son. He was having problems with his hands back in the spring, he showed them to me and to my horror it was obvious raynaud's. He hasn't had anymore episodes since the spring. Well when I took him to the doctor for his sports physical he ran the blood tests, I just got the phone call and his ANA is neg. :D I am so excited, I just had to let someone know. I wanted to post this because I know if anyone knew how I have felt about this it would be all of you. Thanks for listening.
  10. Barefut, I have had alot of ulcers, nitro patches have worked the best. I get really bad headaches the first couple of days I wear it, but after that my body adjusts to it. I wear it on the top part of my hand closest to the finger that is affected. These ulcers still take some time to heal because of the raynaud's. If you have any questions about this please send a message to me. I feel your pain, I know how bad they hurt. Take care. Warm hugs,
  11. Hi Whirlway, My thoughts are with you and your sister. She is lucky to have such a loving sister by her side. Take care, Diana
  12. Barefut, I also have dealt with anxiety, I have all of the same symptoms. I just called my primary care physician yesterday. I don't take meds for it all of the time, but I have had a long flare up with my sclero. It seems when I have this I get very frazzled, I lose all of the patience that God gave me and get irritated at the slightest thing. :wacko: In the past I took prozac, I didn't like how it made me feel. My doctor then put me on Celexa, she said it had the least side effects. It worked wonders for me, it just made me feel like me again. I hope this is what she puts me on again. I agr
  13. Hi Peanut, I haven't posted for awhile, I was reading about your finger ulcers. I'm sorry you are having problems with your fingers. I suffer from these frequently, I sometimes have to go to wound therapy if they get too bad. My rheumatologist prescribes lidocaine ointment and I put just a small amount on bandaid. It works better than the pain meds because it numbs the pain, and then I don't get the side affects from the pain meds. The ointment works better than the creme for me. Bactroban works well for me with healing, and I have to wear nitro patch on my hand. Hope this helps you, take
  14. When I was first diagnosis with scleroderma the one thing I found comfort in was the dr. telling that this was not hereditary. I now have my doubts,last year my now 8 yr old son had pnuemonia,it could have been easily diagnosis with a chest x-ray. Instead his ped. ran blood tests knowing my diagnosis because he didn't normal symptoms of pnuemonia. In the meantime we found the pnuemoia witha ct scan. I wasn't worried about the blood work after that, then several days later she called withresults and he has a very high positive ANA. My RA is pos his is neg. I took him to the rheumatologist right
  15. Kiwi, My most bothersome and painful symtom is digital ulcers,I've only had them on my fingers and for the first time on on of my toes. I know how bad they hurt, can't tell you how many times I have been brought to tears from the pain. I take cardura for the blood flow,an aspirin a day, I have to wear a nitro patch on my hand to force the blood to flow, antibiotics (usually keflex).That's just for the ulcers. My most extreme ulcer would not heal,after about 6-7 months, I went to hyperbarich oxygen therapy and it finally healed.That was due to a very cold winter and of course stress. I ha
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