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  1. Thanks so much everyone!!! I'm stil icing the elbow, and it's less painful - I can touch the elbow without pain, and I can make a fist now! I decided against a brace after reading the posts, so I'm keeping it in neutral position, neither straight nor bent, & once in a while I move it more to keep from getting stiff. Hubby is being great - he was gone yesterday but this morning he's doing all the coffee-fetching & making so I don't have that stress on my arm. I'm doing the computer different - sliding the keyboard onto my lap instead of lifting it, keeping mouse on my lap to avoid arm-straightening & bending. Avoiding typing, except here. I don't know what part of computer usage hurts the tendons, but that article I read said "tennis elbow can be caused by sports or computer usage." Well, I've never played sports..... I will call Dr. first thing in morning & get appointment - need to make sure my PT Pre-Authorization is in the works & add the shoulders & arms to it. My order for back PT says, "McKenzie Method for Mechanical Pain" . Those of you in PT, are you getting a specific type of PT for the tendonitis? Again, thanks to all of you! Karen
  2. Hi Guys and gals, Two years ago, I fell, dislocated and immediately relocated my left shoulder, and during that experience a tendon was torn. In the past couple months, now my right shoulder is having the exact same pain as the left shoulder with the torn tendon, except this time I didn't fall or injure it, and the pain has been coming and going. Now, for about a week, the right shoulder is having the pain constantly, along with new pain in the right elbow, which, because I used to be a nurse, I believe is "tennis elbow"; I looked it up on the NIH (National Institute of Health) site & the symptoms fit exactly. But I just have to see the doctor to confirm it. Turns out Tennis Elbow is caused by small tears in a tendon. So I've been resting it, icing it, and waiting to get in to the doctor next week. I know a big contributer is my lack of exercise - I'm waiting on preauthorization for PT for my back; now looks like I need arm PT as well! In the meantime, I'm curious: is there a link between Sclero and tendon damage? I looked at elbow braces - "for weak elbows" - does anyone know is there a special "tennis elbow brace" or do you just get the one for weak elbow? And last but not least, :temper-tantrum: Wah, this really hurts and I can't do anything!!! I shouldn't even be typing this because - big news to me, tennis elbow is also known as.... COMPUTER ELBOW!! Ok, I vented, now I feel better.
  3. Hey Canon and everyone, Thanks for the topic and the normal saline idea!! I choke really bad at night, wake up coughing & it's really hard to stop. My primary doctor said it's probably from getting dry, but never diagnosed Sjogrens. This is a simple idea that might help, and I plan on mentioning it to the sleep study people when I go for my study tomorrow night. Karen
  4. Hi Weasel, Sounds like you are going about it in just the right way - getting the facts & documentation around to take to your union. Be sure to write down the conversation with your superviser too - YOUR idea of working the phone, her response, the date & time. It's so hard to find a job these days, and it's awful how companies treat long term employees. New employees are cheaper - less hours, less benefits - so they'd rather do that, than hold on to a long time worker. I really hope it works out that you ccan keep working!! Karen
  5. Hi Christine, My blood tests were all negative. The Rheumatologist diagnosed me with Scleroderma based on my symptoms: Raynauds and Achalasia. Also he noticed my fingers are shiny and tight from the middle knuckle to the fingertips. So that was how I was diagnosed - from symptoms. I asked him for a finger biopsy too, so I could be sure, and that confirmed the diagnosis. Good luck to you, I know it's hard having symptoms & not being able to explain them.
  6. Ha! Sounds like that PA could un-retire and start a new career if he wanted to. I hope he helps you. Thanks for the links, I looked at them & seems like overall, having a case manager has been a good experience. The ones that were negative were the disease-education type; I'll be sure to make it clear when making the request that I want an actual case manager. I need someone to help my doctors communicate with each other because that isn't happening at the moment. Thanks everyone! Karen
  7. Hi everyone, My insurance offers the services of a "Case Manager" to facilitate communication between doctors and help patients manage multiple medical problems. I keep thinking that might be helpful - my PA says he never gets records from my Neurologist despite my telling the Neuro. staff to send him my records. I don't really know what a case manager does though, or if it might be intrusive. I'm not sure I want someone from the insurance company looking over my shoulder like that. Have you ever used a Case Manager? What do they do, and are they helpful? Thanks! Karen
  8. Ha! Thanks Shelley that made my day. Time to start lubing those joints with some mild regular exercise. :happy-dance: Thanks everyone for the good wishes and spoons! Karen
  9. Hi everyone, I'm turning 40 this week, but it feels like my body is turning 60! Last week my right shoulder "seized up" - it hurt really bad and wouldn't move. So I had to add an anti-inflammatory for a few days to get it back to normal. The week before that, I squatted down to pick up a can of tuna from a low shelf (I'm supposed to avoid bending due to a herniated disk in my back) and that night my right knee went out. It hurt so bad, I couldn't bend it or walk on it. A couple days of resting it took care of that. This coming Thursday night I'm scheduled for a sleep study for probable sleep apnea. And my blood pressure's been high for a couple months. I could probably go on but you get the picture. So I'm wondering - has this happened to anyone else, like you turn a certain age and a bunch of things go "wrong" with your body? Thanks, Karen
  10. Hi Christine, My brain feels foggy a lot (trouble remembering and concentrating). I think is from my pain meds & anti-seizure meds and trouble sleeping - my doctor suspects sleep apnea so I'm scheduled for a sleep study this Thursday. I like what Jill said about "work arounds"! I work around my brain fog by writing everything down in my Day Planner - things to do, people to call and their phone numbers, groceries I need, whatever, it all goes in there. Karen
  11. Welcome Christine! Sclero. is a scarey disease to be diagnosed with; I'm glad you found your way here. There's a lot of support and knowledge on this site and really nice people who are always willing to share a story or a joke. I think you're handling it well. Best wishes, Karen
  12. Yup, I have that on my chin, under the corners of my mouth. Don't know what it is but I got it. Would really like to know what the dermo says about yours. I've got so many other things to do (sleep study, neurologist appointment, supposed to get PT...) that the skin thing is far down the list. Karen
  13. Yes I've tried some of the ones you boil to recharge; hubby got me one for holiday. That first one, I followed the directions: " wrap in cloth & boil 10 minutes". The package came unsealed. So we replaced it. Now we boil them for only 5 minutes & that works good to recharge. Seems like the heat doesn't last as long after they're recharged though. But they still work good when we go places in the truck & my hands get cold, they warm my hands up good. I live in Michigan & it's cold here now!!!
  14. Hi Lizzie, I know what you mean! It's getting cold here in Michigan too. I'm wearing a Tshirt, sweater, sweatpants, socks and warm slippers. and it helps that I'm sitting next to a heater vent! When I'm in the livingroom, I cover up with a blanket and my husband and I have two dogs that like laying on our feet. That helps a lot. I'm going to be digging out the Long Underwear soon; that's another layer I'll be wearing for the next six months. Heating pads help too. I also got some cream from my Rheumatologist to apply to my hands & feet; it opens up the blood vessels to get more blood flow and helps keep them warmer. Also he gave me pills but I didn't use them last winter, just the cream. Karen
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