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  1. Annie...you should always take antibiotics if you have an infection. I just wanted you to know that every time you get an ulcer it is not automatically infected but the skin is open so you have to be so careful to keep it from getting infected (like keeping it covered with a bandaid and keep it very clean). I have never had a calcium deposit go away on it's own myself. Yes the skin can heal up over it again but the deposit is still there unless you had it removed or it came up so close to the surface that you could actually roll it out yourself. Calcium deposits can cause ulcers and infections also. Good luck hon! Catty
  2. Hi Annie I have had about 15 operations for calcium deposits and that is the only thing that has ever helped me with them. More than likely hon you had the calcium deposit first that caused the ulcer. Doctors give us antibiotics for everything it seems. Antibiotics are for infection and that is all the antibiotic will help you with. They will not heal the ulcer or make the calcium go away. It is important that you take it to ward off infection, you're in enough pain, you sure don't need an infection also. If you have surgery trust me when I say that you don't want to feel anything,an ulcer is horrid pain. If you get that calcium cut out then in time the ulcer will heal but the calcium being there will keep the ulcer from healing. So if I were you I would go the route that will be as painless as possible for you. I wish you all the best hon....Hugs
  3. HEALING HUGS ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) :emoticon-hug: Shirley AKA Catty
  4. Sarah...that is ALL wonderful news! I am so happy for you. I am also very PROUD of you for not smoking! I knew you could do it...keep up ALL the good work now. Not smoking anymore is a lifelong decision....help yourself to get well again. YEAH SARAH!!!!! YOU GO GIRL! :emoticon-hug: Catty
  5. We are so proud of you Sarah for quitting smoking! Hang in there with it hon...YOU CAN DO IT! :emoticons-yes: Catty
  6. I have had many many surgeries for calcinosis but I have never had that done with the sponge but people are different. Maybe it is a large area? I would not worry about it; I am sure you will do fine. You will feel better after you get those deposits out. Good luck! Catty
  7. Right on Jeannie! LOL...Between all of us here nagging her...maybe she will quit smoking.... We fuss only because we care! :emoticon-hug: Catty
  8. Sarah, please stop smoking! PLEASE! That is the worst thing you can do for yourself. When you smoke a cigarette your blood vessels constrict, okay? If you have Raynaud's you already have a problem with your blood vessels. You have no idea how bad smoking is for someone with scleroderma plus it is not good for your children to inhale that second hand smoke. Sorry hon, but I tell it like it is. Why? Because I care and I want you to get better for yourself and for your children. Listen to me now or else I will have to get even more assertive! :) Catty/Shirley
  9. Hi Sarah....the first thing I want you to do is to stop worrying because stress is not good for us. You said you did not have it in your lungs...that is a GOOD thing. I have had SD for close to 30 years now. Back then they did not have any med's for it at all so I took NOTHING except heartburn meds. My symptoms were a lot worse than you sound like yours is hon...I am in remission now. I know you are scared sweetie especially having young children. I also worried about the same thing but here I am still alive and my children are grown. Take life one day at a time...get up and enjoy life as much as you can everyday. Some of your days may be terrible then you will have many that are not as bad as others are. Stay away from stress...if you have people in your life that cause you nothing but trouble and grief....get them out of your life ...IF POSSIBLE. I had to do that myself. Take care of YOU and your FAMILY. By the wway I have had over 15 operations for calcium deposits. Good luck! Shirley
  10. I know what you mean about your fingers I also have them in my fingers. I started out having them in the tips of my fingers but I don't have them there anymore they are all in different places in my fingers but are not terribly noticeable unless I point them out to people. I use a lot of bandaids. The Plastic Surgeon that took mine out in my arm did not want to do it so I could not recommend him to you. He had Never done that type of surgery before. You just need to ask around to see if you can find someone who knows something about SD at least although my doctor did not know anything about SD and did a good job. The doctor that did mine had never operated on anyone with it before. I know how scared you must be to find a good doctor and in making the decision to do this surgery but you are the one who suffers with it and you will have to make that decision however hard it will be. I feel like all calcium deposits are close to arteries and nerves. I found that with the doctors I went to if they did not want to do the surgery that they would always come up with an excuse not to do it BUT I was at the end of my rope hon...mine was large...infected...killing me...making my life miserable. I had to do something. I was living off of antibiotics. Good luck with your decision and know that I do know exactly what you are going through with. Hugs, Shirley
  11. You got that right Sweet! LOL...I have had way too much experience with it.... Speaking of surgery...I have had about 15 operations because of calcinosis.... Hugs, Shirley
  12. Hello...I am so sorry you are having this problem sweetie. You called it a calcinoid mass...I am assuming you mean Calcinosis? I had a huge one removed from my lower left arm...was 6 inches long...about 6 inches wide. It was huge. I did fine with mine...a plastic surgeon took mine out...I live in Alabama. He did not want to do it...I insisted. Where it is located on your body is very important. I wish you the best if you have it removed. Surgery is the only answer for these things. It is also very important to be sure to get it ALL out if possible. In saying all of this...I am assuming you are talking about calcinosis. Good luck! Shirley aka Catty
  13. Wow!!! I also found that picture of that poor woman with the calcinosis so bad on her buttocks as well as her elbow. I don't have a problem at all compared to her! I have had most of mine removed. Thank goodness. Those pictures were so....so... so sad. My heart went out to her. When we think we have problems we can always find someone else that is far worse off. It is a shame that they cannot find a cure for calcinosis. Hugs, Shirley
  14. Hi hon thank you for posting.That is what I was trying to find out from all of you who actually have this disease before I see my doctor. I KNEW I could not handle stress because I know what it does to me. I believe that stress helped cause my SD or else played a HUGE part in it. I don't want this disease to get any worse with me now that I am in remission. I have suffered long and hard enough nearly 30 years now. All of us have. If anyone else pops in here please tell me how severe stress effects you. Hugs, Catty
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