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    If nothing else maybe you could get him to consider taking out the ones that is hurting her the most. That would help some at least. The sad part is that they really don't know how painful these deposits are. Most of the time they form over nerve endings. I don't know why. Tell her that I FULLY understand what she is going through and while you are at it. Give her a hug from me. :emoticon-hug: Let us know... Catty
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    Hi Nothing New! I am so sorry that your wife is having these severe problems with Calcinosis. I have had scleroderma for close to 30 years now. I have had Calcium deposits very very bad. I have had them on both knees, both elbows, fingers, buttocks (Upper), lower left arm. The absolute only thing that has ever helped me is to have them taken out. I had problems finding a doctor who wanted to take them out but I kept going from doctor to doctor until I found one. The last large one I had removed was by a plastic surgeon. He told me that Plastic Surgeons didn't to do that type of surgey. I said " YES...THEY DO" I said If I need a skin graft that calls for a Plastic Surgeon! LOL! He shut up then. He did not want to do it but he did because I was sick and tired of doctors giving me excuses about it. The deposit was HUGE (6 inches by 6 inches) He was shocked when he took it out and saw it. He said it stood up on the table by itself. I hugged his neck and thanked him over and over. My secret is not going back to the same doctor over and over. Sad to say but I would go from doctor to doctor until I would get one more taken out. Sometimes they will take out several at a time. Tell your wife she just might have to beg them. I did many times but HEY! It got the job done. LOL! DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO! As long as they are in there they will eventually come to the surface and get infected. When they take them out they need to try to remove every grain they see so they will not return. You may have to tell them that. By the way, I heal just fine. Shelly Ensz (in here) has seen a picture of my deposits. I have never heard of any medicine that will help with deposits (Like stopping them from forming.) Good luck! Keep us posted please! Hugs, Shirley
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    I have always blamed the Raynaud's for my ulcers Snowbird because your circulation is affected with it....but then again...SD effects your blood vessels also so maybe both are to blame....yes...you can get Raynaud's all by itself WITHOUT haveing SD. When I had ulcers it was the worst pain I have ever known in my life...that much I do know for certain...lol...not funny but may as well laugh...what else can we do? :emoticon-bang-head: I have not had one in quite a while now...THANKFULLY! :emoticons-yes: Catty
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    Foot padding

    Hi Snowbird! I sent you a private message wanting to know the brand name of the pumice stone you used a couple of day sago...did you get it? Hugs, Catty
  5. Catty

    Foot padding

    Tennis shoes are the most comfortable for me also. But...please tell me what we are suppose to wear when we go somewhere where tennis shoes would not be alright to wear...like Church? I have had to quit going because of my feet. Hugs, Catty
  6. Catty

    Foot padding

    I have lost the padding in my feet also. If there is anything that can be done about it I am not aware of it. You can buy padding ( like gel inserts ) to go in your shoes that will help some. I know how you feel it is very painful. I also get callouses that I believe is caused by the pads thinning. They cause a lot of pain. I have to work on them a lot. I never go barefoot. If you ever find anything that helps you please post it or send me a private message Thanks! Catty
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    Just need to vent about doctor appt.

    Sadly...I am not surprised at all.... Sorry this happened to you sweetie. Over 30 years with SD I have ran into many of them just like that...I Never go back to them either. Sometimes I think that is what they want us to do. BUT! There are good doctors out there....the problem lies with finding one..... :( Catty
  8. Hi Alice, Believe me when I say I totally understand what you have been through with these very painful deposits. I have had surgery on both of my knees. Both were FULL of deposits. It took me 3 months to get over each one. I walked with a limp for a while then it finally got better over time. I have had surgery everywhere (just about) because of them! People who do not have them really do not understand how painful they are and how they can mess up your quality of life but good.I am very thankful to the doctors who operated on me but I always had to beg them. PLastic Surgeons especially don't want to do it. They want to do boob jobs and face lifts cause that pays them more money...lol...it is the truth! Plus, these deposits are probably a pain for them to remove and they don't get paid that much to take them out. One of mine got paid around $2,000.00 to take out a huge one on my left arm (It was 6 inches by 6 inches!). I hugged his neck and thanked him over and over. I am so sorry Alice that you and I and many many others have to deal with these things. Guess it can always be worse though. All we have to do is look around us. I am very thankful that I am in remission with this disease and I hope it stays that way. It saddens me that they do not have one single thing to help us dissolve these deposits. If you ever find anything that helps you, send me a P.M. Please...lol... Big Hugs from someone who understands sweetie, Catty
  9. My name is Shirley and I have had SD for about 30 years now. My main problem now is Calcinosis. I have had about 15 operations over the years to remove them. They are very painful and come to the surface and then get infected. My main problem with Calcinosis now is in my fingers. I try to take care of them myself. I am scared to have surgery on my fingers because of the Raynaud's being bad there. My thoughts about the ones I had removed is, if the doctor gets all of it out there is less of a chance that they will come back in that place again. So it is according to how much trouble your doctor goes to. I think of them sort of like a cancer: get it all out and you will have less chance it will return. So I would tell any doctor that if I had surgery again because after all, I am the one that lives with this problem and I have the experience of knowing what happened with my other surgeries and whether or not they came back. Surgery is the only thing that ever helped me and I appreciate the doctors so much that operated on mine and I let them know how much I appreciated it also. Most of them do not want to take them out period. I did a lot of begging over the years...lol... Hugs, Shirley AKA Catty
  10. Catty

    Calcium Deposit Infections

    Also...in that area hon...you can get inflammation in your Bursa. That is THE worst pain in this world...mine got inflammed one time and and the pain was severe for 3 months.... I would have that bursa taken out if I ever had to have surgery in my elbow again to stop that pain. Also...I meant to tell you that if your elbow is severely infected that can be dangerous to operate on it at that time...you need to try to clear up the infection then try to find someone to take it out to prevent another infection... Infection can spread when it is cut into. However I have had surgery on them when mine was infected...you are taking a chance really but I was in such severe pain that had to. I could not stand anymore pain.... I feel for you...been there done that... Catty~
  11. Catty

    Calcium Deposit Infections

    I agree 100% with Craig...I have had many Dr's that would find every excuse in the book to not take mine out...they would say that there is nerves in there...well...there are nerves all over our body that I am sure are cut every time a person has an operation....nerves do tend to grow back.... I had one that was 4 inches by 6 inches taken out of my left forearm and it was infected...the plastic surgeon I went to gave me several excuses why he did not want to do it BUT I would not take NO for an answer because I was suffering so bad. He said...Plastic Surgeons do not do this type of surgery....my answer was...Yes they do in case I need a skin graft....he said well...this is rare... I agreed with that one...lol...He took it out and did a wonderful job and it has not grown back...problem solved. He got a real big hug...lol.... I remember this Dr. in the emergency room telling me one time to get them taken out...when I told him that I had a hard time finding a Dr. who would...he said " Keep Trying " That is just one person's opinion...get several. Just a bit of advice here...when you go to a Dr. do not tell them that many other Dr's turned you down...act like he is the first one you have seen about it...lol... :rolleyes: Sometimes you have to be sneaky...lol... P.S If the deposit is over a joint ( elbows or knees ) I go to an Orthopedic Surgeon ) Catty~
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    Calcium Deposit Infections

    Hi! I am the queen of Calcium Deposits...sad to say.... The ONLY thing that has ever helped me is to have them taken out! I have an infectin right now in my left elbow...I am trying to heal it on my own...I am taking antibiotics, and I am taking an anti-inflammatory...I have had about 10 calcium deposit surgeries...they do not ALWAYS grow back....I run very warm water over it if it is infected...it helps to draw out the infection...also...I have a salve that I use, if you want to know the name of it, please send me a private message and I'll give you the information. Put a bandage over it cause it is messy...lol... Try real hard not to bump your elbows. Colchine will help with the inflammation around the deposit.... just because it gets red around a deposit does not 100% mean that it is infected...it could be just from inflammation alone....after you have been through this a lot you can usually tell if it is infected yourself. Calcium Deposits have drove me batty for years so I know how you feel... Good luck! BTW...Some Dr's do not want to take these out period because of our circulation but I have always kept going until I found one who would...I always have been able to find one...So....keep trying! Catty
  13. Catty

    Nitroglycerin paste

    You can get a real bad headache if you use too much of this stuff! You can only use a small amount...DO NOT EVER PUT IT ON AN ULCER! I did that once and I wished to die...it burned until I washed it off....You apply it around an area...a very small amount too...NOT DIRECTLY TO AN ULCER. Catty~
  14. Catty

    Mouth ulcers

    I pierce a Vitamin E capsule and cover the sore place in my mouth with it...I do not eat afterwards or brush my teeth either so it will soak in real good. Do it especially at night after you are through eating for the day and after you have brushed your teeth. It relieves my pain real quick! Hope that helps you! Catty~
  15. My real name is Shirley but my Screen Name is Catty.... Guess why? LOL... YEP! I am a huge Cat lover....I have 4 at the moment but one of them is 16 years old...totally deaf. I love animals in general...I had dogs all my life until the last 20 years or so then I went to Cats. They are more independent and do not want to go out the door with you whenever you leave the house like my dogs did...lol... :rolleyes: Catty~
  16. Catty

    Calcium Channel Blockers

    Hi hon...my name is Catty...I have not been in here for a while but I saw your post about the calcium deposits and I just had to post to you... I have had sooooo many deposits over the years and the only relief I have ever got is having surgery on them. When they get real bad I have had to go from Dr. to Dr. because so many do not want to operate on me because of the scleroderma ....I even had one plastic Surgeon tell me that Plastic Surgeons did not do this...I told him that indeed they did...he came up with every excuse in the book but I was desperate. He finally agreed to take out this huge Calcium deposit from my left forearm...it was at least 6 inches by 6 inches! He did a wonderful job on it! He told that it stood up on the table by itself! He was glad that it turned out as well as it did. Needless to say I gave him a huge hug! LOL! Colcinine will help with the pain from the deposits if your stomach can tolerate them. Believe me when I say that I know what you are going through with...I have deposits on my fingers also and 2 small ones in my left knee left...I was determined to get as many taken out as I could. I had surgery after surgery. But...it was not easy....finding a DR. that would do it...I mean. If one Dr. turned me down...I looked for another one. Sometimes Calcium deposits will come back but they do not always come back...many of mine have not come back. Good Luck hon! Catty~
  17. Catty

    Weird Feeling In Feet

    Sounds like Raynauds to me hon....But then I could be wrong...
  18. Hi Everybody! My name is Catty....I think I am logged in with you now and all is well....I hope anyway! Catty~