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  1. Thank you so much Shelley and Janey. I had just about given up the idea of physical therapy until now. Making the appt's now! Krista
  2. I'm curious, when you say outologous, is that Adult Stem Cell Transplant and did it come from your own body elsewhere or someone elses? Krista
  3. While waiting to see a rheumatologist, I recently had an MRI of my knee and shoulder, which showed a lot of calcification, for which ortho doctor gave me a cortizone shot in the shoulder (i chickened out of the knee one). It helped for about 2 days, now doesn't feel any different. He also wants me to do physical therapy on my shoulder, but I've read that for polymyositis that exercise really is not a good idea. My muscles most of the time feel like I've been exercising, isn't that good enough? LOL. I thought at first, well it's just the shoulder, but oh my goodness the muscle ache
  4. I also hate narcs and therefore asked my doctor for pain killer - yuch! The one he prescribed was a narcotic or opiate and may not be a controlled substance, but it ought to be. For me (which I am a really light weight in that area), I took one dose and was stoned all day long! I hate that feeling. Haven't taken it again. It may not affect all people that way I guess. My regimen right now, which is of my own concoction, is naprosyn 660mg twice daily, ibuprofen 800mg twice daily, tylenol 1000 mg three times daily, and aspirin 325mg daily. I spread these all out so I'm taking somet
  5. I haven't yet seen the rheumatologist I have made appt with, takes 2 months to get the appt, and I wondered if anyone is in the St. Louis area that has had experience with any in this area. I hate to waste time on somebody that isn't any good being it takes so long to get in to see them. I didn't see anybody in Missouri listed on the expert list here.
  6. Hi all, I am new to this group/site. I don't have a diagnosis yet, haven't even seen a rheumatologist yet. Only have my symptoms and a positive ANA to go on, so this site has been majorly helpful in finding clues to what may be wrong with me. My being a nurse helps some, although one would think that fact would be more helpful. Makes me realize just how little everyone knows about this realm of diseases. Anyway, as I mentioned, I am an RN in a very busy ER, work 12 hour night shifts, go in running and come out running. We call it a good night if we didn't have any deaths
  7. Hi Janey, Just a few things I happen to know about Imuran as a nurse, not someone who personally takes it. Imuran is an immunosuppressant - it suppresses the immune system. People that have had any kind of transplant take it to keep their bodies from rejecting the new tissue. Since this disease, an autoimmune disease, is such that our own bodies are attacking or rejecting our own bodies, that would probably be the reason your doctor put you on it, to stop the body from rejecting itself. I looked it up in my drug book to see if it comes in a sustained release form so you would o
  8. I've seen this used once on a young mother with MS. She came in not able to walk at all, did plasma exchange for I think about a week, once daily or every other day, and left skipping with her kids. It was pretty amazing. Krista
  9. I just can't decide if the symptoms I'm having are sclero or not. Sometimes I think definitely, sometimes I think maybe something else. I can't get in to see a rheumatologist until Nov 21, so of course I'm resorted to self-diagnosis. Sometimes I think it's more along the lines of scleroderma sans scleroderma - where the skin involvement is not all that profound. I'll try to keep this "brief." I've been having terrible muscle aches and spasms for about 2 years, chalked it up to working so hard until the last 6 months and finally decided to see a doctor about a month ago. He ran tests
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