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  1. I have a very scaly scalp and scabs. Since I have Raynaud's as part of my Crest Syndrome, I was wondering if anyone else had similar problems and what they do about them. My skin is very tight and can become very itchy, leading me to scratching. Any suggestions? Heather G
  2. I am having very irritated skin around my mouth. Nothing seems to heal it. It started when I was in southern Oregon and it got to be very dry. I am unable to use any cream that has any perfume. Any suggestions? Heather
  3. Janey I tried to look at SE ARizona, but my face and eyes got all puffy and irritated. I don't know is was the allergies or the sun. I decided I couldn't move there. I am excited about Albuquerque. I love the SW and have always wanted to live there. I will retire in about 3 years and I am coming out to see the area in the Spring. I love that you love it there. I live in Oakland, CA now but will not be able to afford to retire here. Chat later, I have to go to work, Heather
  4. Does anyone live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am thinking of relocating there and I wonder hot the climate will affect my Raynaud's??? heather
  5. Sometimes I feel like my skin would come off if I attempted to scratch as it itches. Does anyone have this problem and what do you use to soothe itchy skin?
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