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  1. You may recall my post in March about my grandmother who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of scleroderma about three years ago. She began having difficulty breathing and was on oxygen all the time. I am sorry to report that after a courageous battle with this disease, she passed away on June 22nd. She was 71 when she died, leaving behind her devoted husband of 54 years, five children, three daughters, two sons, three sisters and one brother, 14 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. She was preceded in death by two brothers and her parents who she cared for selflessly through their last illness-stricken years. She loved working in her garden, and was a dedicated homemaker. Her personal faith and work it its pursuit was an inspiration to all. She will be greatly missed and forever in our hearts, but we know she is at peace. Thank you for your warm support and hugs.
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    I Hate Scleroderma! Please Help...

    My grandmother was diagnosed with Scleroderma a little over three years ago. The kind she has attacks both her inside organs and her skin. Over the past 3 years, our family has watched her suffer as her skin tightened and she became very weak. Two weeks ago she began having difficulty breathing. It has gotten so bad now that she can only breathe because of her oxygen. Approximately 4 days ago, she started getting "pneumonia" like symptoms. And now we've found out today that it's not pneumonia and that it's the disease. The doctors have no clue the life expectancy of someone with Scleroderma and like everyone has said, it depends on the person's particular case. So based on all of this information and based on what you guys have seen with other patients and loved ones... what comes next? What have you seen in other people at this stage?? I hate this disease.... :angry: