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  1. Hi All, Thanks for your replies. It has helped a lot. Thank you, Lou
  2. Hi all, I went to my general practitioner about a sore knee; turns out I have another bakers cyst and had one two years ago. I had shooting pains up my legs and down to my ankles and couldn't roll over in bed without severe pain and my husband was having to help me up after sitting more than ten minutes and help me out of bed in the morning. After having an ultrasound for the knee my general practitioner sent me for a CAT scan on my spine, as my general practitioner thought I shouldn't be in as much pain as I was. Diagnosis was spinal stenosis, so I was sent to my rheumatologist with the r
  3. Hi all I have been off and on steriods for years, with not a great result for the pain. As I was overdosed in hospital on steriods, I am very cautious and don't like taking them. I have had pain medication patches in the past and it is the only thing that seems to work for me. I recently have had a Bakers cyst that burst, and the pain was terrible, and my leg was three times the normal size. My general practitioner has prescribed pain medication patches. By the second day I am pain free, and walking unaided. This morning I did not have to get my husband to help me out of bed.
  4. Hi Pat All the best to you too. I am glad I'm not alone; but it does get a bit overwhelming sometimes. Hope your medication works for you. Regards Lou
  5. Hi Amanda I am glad to hear that I am not alone, taking all these drugs. I don't feel as tired as I used to be on the methotrexate. I take my dose every Tuesday night, and it works until Sunday, so those two days I'm in pain. The specialist did up the dose, so maybe he will again? He did say if this doesn't work he would take me off it and try something else, so time will tell I see the rheumatologist again in June, so I hope this works. Thanks Regards Lou
  6. Hi Jo Thanks for the advice. I will look at the links. Sometimes things just overwhelm me, with so much medication. I have noticed that I am not as tired as I used to be; it could be the methotrexate? I had to have a rest/sleep most days of the week, now it's only a couple of times. I will see my specialist again in June, so I hope that the medication will work. One year I was put on pain medication patches for my pain, it did work; but then you have to come off it and the pain comes back. I do hope that this medication works; at least I dont feel sick on it. Thanks again Regards Lou
  7. Hi Robyn Thanks for your reply it has eased my mind some. When I go to my specialist I usually go by my self; my husband still works full time, and all my family live 7 hours away. My husband did go with me a few times , when he was really worried about me, or couldn't get there by myself. I am lucky to have him; he has taken over most of the housework. It is very frustrating that I can't do all the things I used to do. You have to work around what you can and can't do and make the best of what you can do. I had a bad time and could hardly walk and ended up having physio at the hospital, and
  8. Hi all I am a new member, and was diagnosed with systemic sclerodera in 2004. My recent urine test and bloods revealed protein, (kidney involvement) and my echocardiogram showed one side of my heart contained fluid - and was larger than the other side. Also both of my hands and feet were xrayed and both hands showed sclerosis - my left hand has been swollen for 6 months - and my rheumatologist took a photo; he was really amazed. After asking about my blood and urine test; all my doctor said was he wasn't happy at all about the results and didn't think my hand would get better. I ha
  9. HI all Thanks for the welcome to the forums. I appreciate that I am not alone. Lou
  10. Hi, I am a new member to this forum. I have systemic scleroderma-I was diagnosed in 2004,after two years of mystery illness-migraines so bad I would pass out and be confined to bed. I saw a rheumatoligist that told me that there was nothing wrong with me, and to go home. I ended up in hospital,and as I had had blood tests, the doctors knew I had something going on, having a highly positive ANA. I was given an injection of steriods, and more steriods to be taken orally, they were a massive dose, and had to take 10 tablets first day, then 9 the next day, until I was weaned off them. Str
  11. Hello Debz I know exactly what you are going through, Iwas diagnosed with Limited Systemic Scleroderma 4 years ago. I have the endoscopy every year, it is not that bad but I always get put to sleep for it. I havent been well for the last three months- had to have a full body scan- and am having hydrotherapy at the hospital pool- which is wonderful for the hands and feet. Do you wear hand splints to bed? that helps a lot also. When you get diagnosed you feel as if your the only person with this disease- in fact I had never heard of it. I had heard of Lupus- which is supposed to be in the
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