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Found 1 result

  1. Hello folks, I am a definite newbie here so will first explain who I am and then ask a few questions which I am hoping someone could answer. I truly live a 'good life' out here on the pacific west coast, often hiking in the mountains of British Columbia with my wife and our ten year old german shepherd. My wife, who truly is my best friend, and I have been happily married for well over thirty years! I sincerely want to enjoy another active and adventurous quarter century with her. She is a vibrant 'lover of life' - top in her class marathon runner; a true foodie who enjoys gourmet meals and fine wine; and my favourite mountain hiking partner. However, she has just been diagnosed with Scleroderma (three weeks ago - July 2014) and it appears will never be a 'runner' again; has to be careful what food she now eats; and our mountain climbing is tempered by how well she is breathing that day. It truly breaks my heart and frustrates me to no end, as I want to be able to "fix" this for her and I am unable to do so - I'm here because I want to learn more; learn how to support and comfort her; learn how to make her as comfortable as possible; and, most importantly, learn how we can 'make the best of it' and continue enjoying life to the fullest! So, one of my first question is this, can you travel with Scleroderma? I mean via airplane, as I'm worried the air pressure changes may impact her negatively? Also, is travel insurance now going to be an issue? Anyone from Canada with experience in this - let me know of any good travel insurance companies you would recommended. I have many, many other questions - but will take it one step at a time, my wife is a very proud person and I know this has hit her 'ego' very hard - this time last year she won first place in a rugged cross country half marathon and was so very, very proud of that accomplishment ... now she is told that she will likely never be a 'runner' again, very tough for her to absorb and to the both of us this diagnosis seems so surreal and absolutely unfair ... as I'm sure many of you, if not all, had felt exactly the same way when you or your loved one was first diagnosed.
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