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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I am new and not sure if I should be on here! Since February my daughter has had stomach problems; Anti spasmodic tablets helped until October when doctor gave her a different type - for no reason. In that time, the scleroderma has been seen in themo imaging and capillaroscopy tests. Paediatric Rheumatologist is seeing her in 5 weeks, hopefully for lung, heart and throat checks. She is also having a problem with her throat 'closing' mid sentence. The sores first appeared in April. Doctor said she didn't need any treatment, pharmacist said she may need anibiotics. Doctor said no. They aren't small and haven't cleared up yet and she has had a few more. One really visible one is at the front of her scalp. It doesn't look nice at all. At the moment she keeps going dizzy and you can see her wobble. I am so worried for her. I don't know if anyone can offer any advice. Doctors don't seem to want to know. Rheumatologist doesn't want to give her any medication until my daughter's seen a group of Rheumatologists probably at the end of January. She is also booking her in to see a group of scleroderma specialists in March! Thank you :(