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Found 2 results

  1. Hello All So I am awaiting appointments for a gastroscopy, colonoscopy and ultrasound because of worsening digestive issues. I have lost my appetite since July last year and obviously lost weight and become anemic. Unfortunately the first general practitioner I saw did nothing other than prescribe 10 nutrition drinks, at the time I was not up to being my own advocate so just decided that I would raise the issue when at the Royal Free next, at that time my appointment wasn't far off. A scleroderma patient that presents with worsening gastrointestinal issues should be treated with urgency, at the very least the general practitioner should have ordered a blood test to check for anemia which I turned out to have when tested at the Royal Free. Needless to say they wrote to the general practitioner ordering the tests I am now awaiting, unfortunately I got to the Royal Free much later than I had anticipated when I was first dismissed by the general practitioner which means that whatever the cause of the lack of appetite has had more time to worsen. I put a written complaint into the surgery nearly a week ago and have not had even an acknowledgement of it let alone a reply, needless to say I'll be escalating it for sure. Anyway coming back to the point of this post, I am awaiting referral to a breast surgeon. The Royal Free requested a mammogram because of the raised bio marker, Ca 3-15, which can indicate breast cancer. Although I do not have the hereditary risk factor,age factor or any symptoms, I do have the raised bio marker, scleroderma (can increase the risk of cancers such as breast cancer) and have been on and off immunosuppressants for 5 years and both mycophenolate and methotrexate can raise the possibility of cancer. When first seeing a general practitioner about this I had to fight my corner as he was somewhat dismissive about the possibility of breast cancer, he explained why a **mammogram would not be helpful at my age which I accepted and he said he would write to a breast surgeon to see what they suggested as an alternative, I can't have a MRI (have a pacemaker/defibrillator) instead though. So now I await a phone call to arrange the appointment to see the breast surgeon and let me tell you when I get there I will not be dismissed. I you think about it no one would ever have said I would end up with scleroderma, no one would ever have said I would end up with myocardial fibrosis and heart failure. No one would ever have said I would have been retired at 40 because of ill health, no one would ever have said I would be trying to buy an electric wheelchair, unable to go out and about on my own. No one is going to wave away my concerns on the basis that it's unlikely I have or will have breast cancer or any type of cancer. Needless to say it could all amount to nothing (let's hope so!) but having fought scleroderma for 5 years I am not going to be taken out of the game by anything else and most certainly not because a doctor thought cancer unlikely and therefore dismissed a potential threat. On that note, there is an article in the recent papers about how a doctor died of breast cancer, initially dismissed because of her age then misdiagnosed etc, I have the article and will be taking it with me. Take care. **The general practitioner explained that at my age a mammogram could show up what appear to be lumps resulting in endless biopsies that reveal nothing so another test/investigation may be more productive.
  2. Hello All Have a read of my post on the UK sub forum, I wonder how embarrassing it's all going to be!! :blush: :blush: Take care.