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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I know we've discussed this before, but my brain fog is so thick, I can't begin to remember the answers. I'm on S.S. disability. I feel my primary care physician was key in getting this for me. He just retired, and I'm in search of a new doctor. Making that even more difficult is I live in a very small town, where EVERYONE KNOWS EVERYONE. Yuck. Anyway, when I received my benefits, they said I would be reviewed in 4-6 years. This coming spring is 4 years, since the award letter. Here are my questions: 1) When they said 4-6 years, was it? Sooner? Later? (I know that's like 3 questions) :) 2) How did it start? Did they send YOU paperwork? Send Dr Paperwork? Call you? 3) Was it in-depth? Or "click a box if your better" 4) Did they want medical records for the past years since you were disabled? 5) Have any of you been denied benefits due to the review? Any other tidbits would be helpful.
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