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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Friends, Visiting after several months - sorry about it, but I always remembered this group as it has been tremendously supportive. According to my Rheumatologist, my scleroderma is damaging my internal organs. I had gone through partial fundoplication surgery in 2008 and it has failed as stitches taken to tighten valve between stomach and esophagus are broken and my acid reflux is going through roof. Visiting to UCSF and they are recommending the surgery again. My lung volume has gone down significantly and that has alarmed UCSF. UCSF (University of California at San Francisco) is one of the top hospitals. Three doctors went through my visit, studied all documents as far as 2008. As per their recommendation going through testing (Manometry, PH probe, CT scan, Fluroscopy, blood tests, etc.) But, my primary issues are extreme Neuropathy pain and my pain management specialist has run out of options, and digestive system disorder. I am on long term disability and do not see any signs to come off it. Best wishes to all friends.
  2. Dear Friends, I have not been active for almost a year. My short term disability will expire next month and I have applied for long term disability as I had enrolled in long term disability by MetLife. I have health issues with Neuropathy pain shooting up to almost 9-10 many times a week, small bowl obstruction, lung issues, severe back pain, and Scleroderma. I am also asked to file Social Security Disability. If my application is approved, what are the advantages? Do I qualify for Medicare? There are too many things very rapidly and I have difficult time managing. Any suggestions?
  3. Dear Friends, I am coming back after few months. I hope everyone is fine. Recently, I have having issues with Neuropathy pain in my lower body and hands. I have gone through several medications and found little relief and considering Neurostimulator by Medtronic (probes are inserted in spinal cord and electrical pulses stimulates spinal cord). I will sincerely appreciate anyone who has gone through the procedure or any feedback.
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