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Found 1 result

  1. Please post any helpful hints you have for those who have physical limitations to make it easier for them to bake and cook. Get a stand mixer if you want to bake and can afford one as they are expensive. I cannot cook (I burn the salad :VeryHappy: ) but was a pretty good baker. As my hands now have some curve to them and my left thumb joint is bone on bone I cannot mix batters or thick doughs for cookies with a hand mixer or spoon. I bought my husband a stand mixer as a present and it is the greatest thing! It is worth the investment if you need help mixing things. I have baked several different kinds of cookies every year and have the baking down perfect so they are not burned around the edges. The secret is to take them out before they look too brown and let them rest before you remove them from the pan. I note the actual time as most recipes will say between 8-10 minutes but ovens differ. Also, parchment paper on the cookie trays is a time saver. You don't have to prepare the pans, you can put the next batch right on the same sheet, and you can even save the paper and reuse. My left hand is very weak because of a bad thumb joint. I have trouble taking the pans out of the oven. If I have to pour one bowl into another I have to use my right hand to hold the bowl where I used to use my left to hold and use my right to spoon whatever it was from one bowl to the other. Do you know of things you have done to adapt? Any more hints? miocean
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