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Found 4 results

  1. Ubiquitination in Scleroderma (SSc) Fibrosis and Its Treatment. In this review, we will summarize the molecular mechanisms of ubiquitination in patients with SSc and explore the potential targets for treatment. PubMed, Front Immunol, 2018 Oct 17;9:2383. (Also see Skin Fibrosis) This item was posted in the ISN Newsroom. Please check the newsroom daily for updates on scleroderma and other related articles.
  2. The IL-1 family of cytokines. Do they have a role in scleroderma fibrosis? Recent analyses of the IL-1 family of cytokines have demonstrated that many of them play a role in skin inflammation and fibrosis and their corresponding antagonists (IL-1RA and IL-36RA) can abrogate this pathology. PubMed, Immunol Lett, 12/04/2017. (Also see Interleukins) This item was posted in the ISN Newsroom. Please check the newsroom daily for updates on scleroderma and other related articles.
  3. Pushing cells to self–destruct combats deadly fibrosis. New research offers clues for how to selectively destroy the cells known as myofibroblasts that drive the condition. Science Magazine, 12/13/2017. (Also see Fibroblasts) This item was posted in the ISN Newsroom. Please check the newsroom daily for updates on scleroderma and other related articles.
  4. The results of my lung CT scan came in and the fibrosis in my lungs has increased. Along with ground glass I now have an area of honeycombing, a more advanced form of fibrosis. I started oxygen therapy a few weeks ago due to desaturating on a six minute walk test and a decline in lung function on my pulmonary function tests. I consulted with the pulmonary doctor at the scleroderma center and he is submitting my records for lung transplantation to two centers in my area. I do not need a lung transplant at this time, I may never need one, this is just to find out if I would even qualify. I have a lot going against me: age, scleroderma, and the kidney transplant. I've known for a long time that the only thing that could be done for my lungs is a transplant so this is just at the investigative stage. I had a right heart catherization to test for pulmonary hypertension last week at the scleroderma hospital. This one was different from two previous ones as part of it was done during exercise. I had to lift saline bags until the point of exhaustion. I've had two previous heart caths but not under exercise so this was a new medical adventure! After the procedure the cardiologist told me I have "slight pulmonary hypertension but he has seen worse." He was forwarding the results to the pulmonologist and scleroderma specialist and told me they would prescribe the treatment. My scleroderma specialist called today with the results of the heart cath and I have fluid in my lungs. A diuretic will have to be found that is compatible with my anti-rejection meds and my nephrologist will need to decide which one. Once the fluid problem is solved I may need to go on something like Viagra, if it is compatible, for the pulmonary hypertension. I am waiting for the pulmonologist to weigh in on this. There have been very long days with doctors and the heart catherization reactivated my hospital related PTSD. There will be more doctor appointments coming up and more medications in the mix. I have a lot of questions that need to be answered, and will need to coordinate a lot of this. Longing for medically free days, miocean
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