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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Friends, I do not have crohn or Celiac diseases, however I have Scleroderma which is impacting internal organs. Having said this, any opinion on Gluten and/or dairy free diet. I have tried Gluten free diet for six weeks without any noticeable improvements.
  2. Hi Everyone, It's a long time since I've posted. I was rather distracted for a while with GI issues. I was being tested for Crohn's, which thankfully I don't have. What has been interesting, however, is being tested for fructose malabsorption and lactose intolerance. As it turns out I have fructose malabsorption. Apparently a lot of people do. The dietitian suggested that the prevalence could be as high as 1 in 3. As far as I can tell, the symptoms are the same as irritable bowel syndrome. I was sent for testing by my gastroenterologist after colonoscopy results came back clear. The tests can be done either in a clinic or at home (in Australia). I can't remember the exact details but basically to prepare for the test you need to eat only particular foods from a list provided for a few days before hand. Then on the test day you fast, drink a solution, and puff into bags at intervals, which collect the chemicals in your breath. You send the bags off for testing. Fructose malabsorption can mean a sensitivity to a wide range of foods that you may never have considered. There are a lot of fruit and vegetables on the list, as well as some grains like wheat, also legumes. It is quite shocking to learn that those really healthy meals you were preparing have been giving you grief. I used to wonder why I would spend the night on the loo after eating a split pea soup made with onion. I am sensitive to many foods, but the ones that create the most internal trauma are onion, apple, pear and legumes. It's also a matter of portions and the individual. If you avoid the trouble foods for a few days you might find that you can have some when you go out for dinner. Also, you can sometimes have small portions of foods without too much trouble. I have a friend who was at the point of being crippled with abdominal pain and she was convinced that it was gluten intolerance. The pain was increasing, however, and she wasn't eating any gluten. When she cut out the offending foods her life was instantly transformed. I write this because it might help you if you are searching for answers and not finding them. Dr Sue Shepherd is at the forefront of this research. (Apologies to Dr Shepherd for any bits I got wrong. :emoticon-dont-know: )
  3. Just wondering how many out there have allergies to gluten; seems to run in my family. My sister has major gluten allergies and now the doctor says I have it also. Reactions from such seem to make us extremely tired and have trouble breathing also a heavy heart rate for me and dizziness. Milk with added gluten makes me feel terrible; I cannot not drink the stuff. I feel terribly ill after drinking and eating certain products with this. Just thought I would ask to see if others have reactions to these things. Have a great day!!
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