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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with Scleroderma by a scleroderma specialist. She is re-running all the blood work (initially run by local rheumatologist) to confirm whether it's limited or diffuse. Looking back now, it seems I've had symptoms over the last 2 years but only recently started progressing. I developed Raynauds in October and immediately started getting sores on my fingers that wouldn't heal, which finally sent me to my primary care physician. I want to ask about other symptoms I've been having to find out if this is something any of you may be experien
  2. Hi! My name is Kristyn and I have recently been diagnosed with Morphea. Initially, the giant bruise like marks on my side were diagnosed as hyperpigmentation. It wasn't until recently, when another bruise like mark developed and stayed, that I went to another dermatologist and consequently received the diagnosis. My dermatologist is good, but he is busier than any doctor I have ever seen - I felt like my questions and possible pertaining symptoms were pushed aside because there was almost nowhere to sit outside in the waiting room that day. I was wondering if somebody more experienced can answ
  3. Hello Does anyone know the incidence of Scleroderma in men over 70? I have just got a cluster of very recent symptoms ( blue hands, intestinal problems: flatulence, constipation, and skin itching , a small amount of local skin thickening just below the elbow) . My doctor is taking blood tests . I'm worried.
  4. I hope this finds everyone warm and happy. :) I've had a pretty good winter. I have had terrible terrible itching the past couple of months. It seems to be on my back, hips, the scar from my C Sections and legs. It is driving me nuts. I thought maybe I was over washing so I have been only showering every other day and drowning myself in cream. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice on relief of this? And is this something that will come and go over my lifetime? I am 5 years into my diagnosis. thanks everyone. Marsha
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