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Found 1 result

  1. I lived with my father in high school and loved a particular brand of chewing gum, Bubble gum flavor. We traded grocery shopping every other week with list in hand from the other. One week I asked for that brand of chewing gum, pink, large pack (I wanted more than a small 5 stick package). Dear father returned with a case of purple sanitary pads of the same brand name and apologized saying there were no bulk pink ones. Last week I was texting with my father, who is more aged now. I said "ears stuffy, no pop in a couple days" while complaining about a cold virus. He replied "Drink more water, eat prunes and buy stool softener". :) We had a family visit over the last holiday weekend. They have 4 children including 2 young boys. Of course jumping on the bed was great entertainment. We are in an Recreational Vehicle (small living space) for now that has a sliding door from bed to bathroom. My dear daughter asked to go potty, when I went to help her she tried to stand in front of the toilet. :o I hope these put a smile on your face :)
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