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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, I have been short of breath for a year. Each visit my rheumatologist listens to my lungs and says they sound fine. I finally asked last week if I could see a pulmonary doctor. He suggested I get a high resolution CT first, and if it was normal there would be no reason to see a specialist, and if it were abnormal, he's send me to the lung doctor. So, I had my CT done yesterday. Today my rheumatologist's medical assistant calls and says, "The doctor wanted me to tell you that you have 2 nodules in your lungs, and it's probably because of your connective tissue disease". I said "Okay, so what's the next step?" She said, "Nothing. He just wanted me to tell you." I told her I wasn't comfortable with doing "nothing" because of my family's medical history. Everyone has died of cancer, my brother at age 43, my dad at age 49, my mom at age 59. I told her to fax the report to me, and have the doctor call me. He's on vacation until the middle of the October. I'm trying not to worry, I did the thing we should never do and looked it up online, at first that helped, then as I read the details, it made it worse. Being a nurse doesn't help either. She only told me part of the story, she said I had 2 nodules, but in fact I have 3, I also have lesions around my liver, and my pancreas is atrophied. I have an appointment with my primary care physician on Tuesday, and I'll address it with him. I would think at the very least, I should see a lung doctor. I mean good grief, "Just don't worry about it." I guess it's so normal for people to have nodules in their lungs that you just don't worry about it? Oh also, as I mentioned she said he told her it was probably due to the connective tissue disease, but it says RIGHT IN BLACK AND WHITE on the report, "No evidence for interstitial lung disease. Typical findings of nonspecific interstitial fibrosis in patients with Scleroderma is absent." So why would my rheumatologist tell me it's because of my CTD? Anyway, anyone else with nodules?
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