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Found 3 results

  1. Hello All, Any one with Systemic sclerosis (SSc) having Neuropathy Pain? Can you please share your experience? I have severe Neuropathy pain in muscles of both legs. After trying so many medications including several control substances, my pain management doctor has found no viable solution. The best medications he found Gabapentin (up to 4800mg) along with Lamictal (Lamotrigine) up to 500mg which are very high dosage and cause severe drowsiness and dizziness. Appreciate any input.
  2. Hello All, I am coming back after a while, but never forgot any of you. Still, continue to struggle with impacts of scleroderma to internal organs. Under care of half a dozen very competent doctors. My skin is normal, but according to my doctors scleroderma is responsible for damaging many internal organs, Neuropathy pain which is extreme (almost 8-9 out of scale of 10) several days a week, scleroderma is producing scar tissues in intestines, blocking small bowl obstructions, my 2008 partial fundoplication surgery is no longer working and my acid reflux has shoot up to almost highest level, etc. Any one with Neuropathy pain? I have exhausted all medications for Neuropathy pain and last few which provide some relief are extremely toxic with so many serious side effects, too many serious ones to list. But, without those I will be always in extreme pain. But, I am happy for what life has given me. Simply enjoy when I am well and I have developed ability to manage pain when I am in pain. My meditations and faith have given me strength. Thank you all for listening. Looking forward joining some of the chats - I am in west coast.
  3. Dear Friends, I have been on disability for last three months and finding it difficult to cope with issues such as Neuropathy pain. Also, end of work is causing issues such as loneliness. Pain is so unpredictable that it makes it difficult to plan anything Any suggestions?
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