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Found 6 results

  1. Hello. I am a female and 62 years old. I recently had a positive ANA and am just looking for information while waiting 3 months before I can see the rheumatologist. My ANA was 1:32 and in the comments it says anti-centromere pattern observed. A few of my search results lead me here, so I joined hoping to learn as much as possible. Two years ago my dermatologist requested that I have an ANA test because of the (as she described it) "red butterfly rash" on my face. I thought I had rosacea, but she said it is not. I tested negative. At the follow up visit she told
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm 30 years old and found out two weeks ago that I tested positive for ANA (with a titer of 1:1280) and tested positive for SCL 70 (3). I don't have any symptoms (other than cold hands - but it's winter) and the only reason I was tested was because I'm undergoing infertility treatment after having three miscarriages. My infertility doctor sent me to a rheumatologist for further investigation and he said he does not know if or how soon I will develop Scleroderma, but cautioned that my ANA titer was high. Has anyone else had a high positive ANA and tested positive for SCL-70 wit
  3. Hi. Autoimmune diseases run in my family. So after being diagnosed with Raynauds,fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS, arthritis, peripheral polyneuropathy, and a host of other disorders, it was not a surprise that my bloodwork came back positive for scleroderma antibodies and inflammation. My oral surgeon, who I am seeing for possible oral lichen planus, also viewed the initial results and asked if I knew I have scleroderma, By the way, I have also started bruising quite easily and am very slow to heal. My general practitioner sent me to a rheumatologist who repeated the bloodw
  4. Hello, I am new here. I recently had blood work done due to severe pain in the middle joints of my left pinky and thumb that has not subsided in months. My results showed the following: Segmented Neutrophils 37 L Lymphocytes 54 H ANA Screen Positive ANA Titer >=1:1280 ANA Pattern Centromere I have an appointment with a Rheumatologist in October, that seems like forever away and they say it will be another 6 weeks after that to get the results. I don't even know where to begin on how I'm
  5. Hello. My name is Elizabeth and I am a 36-years-old. I started experiencing joint pain in my hips 16 years ago. I was pregnant at the time. Over the years the joint pain has spread. My areas of most trouble are my wrist, knees, and shoulders. I also experience IBS symptoms quite frequently. I also have Raynauds which mainly affects my toes. My toes get numb when exposed to cold and get very pale. They never turn blue or purple. I guess I really should have gone to a doctor earlier but I thought I knew what the problem was. My daughter broke 3 bones by the time she was in Kindergarten. The
  6. Hi! I am new to this forum, but I was wondering if anyone here who has Scleroderma also has had Urticaria of any sort? Urticaria is breaking out in hives or a rash. Mine happens when exposed to cold, such as grocery shopping in the cold section, a/c in car blowing on me more than a minute or so and making my skin cold, etc.... I don't develop the hives, but I do get a flat, red and white rash. My "ice cube test" came back positive for Cold Urticaria also. I developed Cold Urticaria March 15th, 2012 and while it may be totally unrelated, I also got a positive ANA of 1:320 with a nucl
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