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Found 2 results

  1. I am a female teenager and have Raynaud's. I have been told my circulation is poor, to the extent of my hands and feet turning purple. Predominantly, this mostly occurs during cold weather; however, entering the shower seems to trigger an episode and causes my fingers and feet to go a dark grey/purple. I also develop chilblains when my extremities are exposed to such cold temperatures, which can be quite irritating. I am only a teenager, and I was wondering if these symptoms will deteriorate, or whether they may simply go away. Also note that I do experience joint pai
  2. Hi everyone, Just wanted to say hi and ask some questions so I can better inform my doctor of what's going on and what I think my symptoms resemble closest. When I first noticed symptoms something was wrong, it was a few months ago in cool weather. My ring finger turned completely white on my right hand; it wasn't all that cold out that day, 50 degrees maybe. Anyways, ever since that day my fingers haven't been right. The tips are calloused like stiff and using a touchscreen isn't as responsive. My fingernails are white with a pulling sensation at times. I also noti
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