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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have felt strange for a number of weeks, visual disturbances, unusual headaches, weird tingling of the scalp and tightness on the forehead. About a week ago at work someone commented on a pit which had appeared in the top centre of my forehead just under the hairline and had I 'knocked it'. I didn't know what they were talking about. I did know I had suffered about 2 weeks of a band of tightness in my forehead commensurate with a pressure sort of feeling. I went straight to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and there was indeed a dent, a quite pronounced dent. I don't recall hitting it or hurting myself in any way. Anyhow, I was also suffering with dizziness and a kind of disorientation so I left work and went to see my doctor who told me the dent was caused by stress, gave me Diazepam to take and said the dent would fade away within a few hours. The next day it had got longer and was deeper. I saw another doctor and this was met with resistance because he said the skull fuses when a child and I only have bands of muscle where the dent is forming though he agreed (to put my mind at ease) on a series of blood tests and an urgent CT scan which I will have in the first week of January. 6 days have now passed and the dent is even deeper and stretches a full inch and a half diagonally down my forehead. Oddly I am also noticed a similar indentation just above my eyebrow which appears to be moving upwards in alignment with the curved indentation coming down and more scarily having looked at old photographs of myself, the indent at the eyebrow and heading up has been there for years though not as pronounced. The dent coming down however is new. I suffer with alopecia areata and have done for several years, my hair never having fallen out, it's just got thinner and brittler and I also get tingling before a new patch of 'baldness' occurs. I wonder if the two are connected? I am a serial worrier and angsty to the nth degree hence my username. I have never known how to 'shut off' I am always wired and thinking. I have looked online and every Google search for sudden forehead indentation leads me to Sclero boards and websites so I'm thinking this is what I have however with my doctor's resistance to acknowledge something which is a long shot and this thing which is raging down my forehead at a rate of knots, I am frightened, Very frightened. Will this thing show up in either blood work or a CT scan? I want to get a diagnosis and hopefully stop the rate at which it is travelling because I have read of what it can do. Is there anything I can do in the meantime to slow it? Would meditation help? Thanks for listening. Regards, Boomerangst.
  2. Hello everyone. My name is Brooke, and I wanted to give you a quick background on my story. I was only 19 at the time, in school for cosmetology. I had been seeing a dermatologist about my acne, and she prescribed me minocycline. I had been on the minocycline for about a week, when all of a sudden in school, I passed out right in class. Upon awakening, I had a panic attack, and got sent to the ER. They assumed I was allergic to the medicine, so they sent me to my original dermatologist to run some bloodwork. I was also being tested for lupus, because apparently minocycline can cause lupus in some patients. They ran the test called an ANACP (blood test) on me. A little over a week later, I got my results yet and was absolutely horrified to find that my Scleroderma Antibodies was elevated. My level was 58, which I see here on other forums that you guys have numbers like 3.3 or decimals. Why is mine different? Anyways, I went to see a rheumatologist followed by a pulmonologist and cardiologist. All came back normal, and my rheumatologist told me to keep a close watch, but that most likely I didn't have it. I was never diagnosed. She also told me to start taking vitamin D vitamins because I was deficient. Two years later and I am 21, and just a week ago I had went to see the cardiologist for some heart palpitations ( Which turned out to be anxiety related) but he was asking what my rheumatologist had decided about my scleroderma. He offered to repeat the lab test for me, which I thought would be a good idea since I hadn't had it repeated yet. So I let him. Just today I got the lab result back and I haven't been able to stop crying. My scleroderma antibodies are 54, with the normal value being from 1-20. Going back to see the rheumatologist again. I'm so scared. Ive been so healthy all my life and now all of a sudden I have this lab result showing there is a possibility I have a disease. I guess I would just like some reassurance that I'm going to be okay and that there may be a possibility of some sort of fluke or that maybe my natural antibodies are just slightly elevated. Any help would be appreciated, I'm just so terrified and I just need to speak to someone. Thank you all so much.
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