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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all! I'm new here---just joined today. 5 years ago, due to abnormal liver reads, I had a lot of tests done, one of which was an ANA, which was positive, and a SCL-70 of 4.60. I saw a rheumatologist, who felt I didn't have scleroderma. I did however also show antibodies for Sjogren's Syndrome, and although they weren't sure I had that either, I had an extremely dry mouth, and they put me on medication for that, which I still take (cevimeline) The dentist says I have a very small mouth. In the past 5 years, I have had a liver biopsy, which showed severe swelli
  2. What does antinuclear scleroderma 7O antibodies mean? My score is 6.9. I am so scared. I cannot see a specialist until March 8th. I have respiratory, intestinal and skin symptoms.
  3. I am new to the forum, and need advice, help, consoling. 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Then a heart problem, tachycardia and an intoleration to exercise, I was put on an inhaler. Then I passed out and was diagnosed with MS and put on several medications to control it. Eventually, I started choking on my food, it felt stuck in my chest and I would have to vomit it up. This started happening on a regular basis and I finally went in to have my esophagus stretched. I was told that this is not common with MS. I had some scarring, GERD, and a hiatal
  4. Hello Everyone, I'm 30 years old and found out two weeks ago that I tested positive for ANA (with a titer of 1:1280) and tested positive for SCL 70 (3). I don't have any symptoms (other than cold hands - but it's winter) and the only reason I was tested was because I'm undergoing infertility treatment after having three miscarriages. My infertility doctor sent me to a rheumatologist for further investigation and he said he does not know if or how soon I will develop Scleroderma, but cautioned that my ANA titer was high. Has anyone else had a high positive ANA and tested positive for SCL-70 wit
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