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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Folks, I have been put on a bit more Methotrexate (10mls) and an anti inflammatory. Soon afterwards I started with a sore mouth and then a white patch on my gums. Dentist said it was maybe the drugs but it looked nothing to worry about . Now the gum is still a bit sore but getting better. The tooth leans over and it's the wisdom tooth; today the filling fell out so now I look as if I have a hole in my gum? I might not have, but the tooth leans over. Now my mouth is getting a little tight and I'm not eating and chewing well and my dentist won't fit me with anything to fill the gaps ie infection, small mouth, dry mouth. I hope I don't need it out? With slight problems now also being on benefits, I get treated on the NHS. I did say to him when you can't manage me, would you refer me? Is the Eastman Hospital the place to get referred to if I have problems? Christine
  2. Hi, Has anyone else out there had to be intubated for an operation whilst they are awake? I am due to have my gall stones removed very shortly but due to the very small size of my mouth I have been told by the surgeon that they will not be able to put me to sleep before they insert the intubation tube. Normally they can guide the tube down when you are asleep but if you have microstomia you have to be awake to swallow the tube. I am dreading this experience but have been told that if I can swallow an endoscopy tube (which I did but vowed and declared never again!) then this should be a piece of cake. Can anyone who has gone through a similar thing let me know how it was for them. Helen
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