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Found 2 results

  1. I had a positive ANA of 1:320 speckled 3 months ago. I also was diagnosed with celiac and have thyroid disease. I started with what I thought was joint pain but it turned out being finger tendonitis. I have two lumps; one under each index finger and my index fingers are swollen. I injured my right hand in Feb. and now my middle finger is stiff. My general practitioner won't refer me to a Rheumatologist yet because she said that my body wide tendonitis (plantar fasciitis in both feet and knee tendonitis due to my flattened feet) is likely due to the gluten. I do not have GERD or any hand swelling other than the affected fingers, although I swear my ring finger is a tad swollen at the bottom although the ortho said that was due to the overall inflammation in my palm. There is also a pocket of swelling on top of my hand under the index finger and it's not my entire hand. I really would appreciate some input on this. My palms hurt when I type or "use" my fingers and my fingers do as well. I do not have carpal tunnel (they did a test) and my wrists are not stiff at all. Here is my concern, I do not want to sit here and do nothing when I should see a rheumatologist but on the same hand, I know my doctor thinks I'm uptight and should wait on the Rheumatologist. If anyone could give me any answers or thoughts, I'd really appreciate it.
  2. I've had issues with my joints hurting for several years now. My primary doctor in 2008, ran an arthritis panel and they said it was negative. They went ahead and referred me to a rheumatologist though and he did various pokes and prods and said that I had fibromyalgia. This same rheumatologist refused to do an ANA on me. He said that if an arthritis panel was negative that an ANA would be negative. I finally got a doctor to run an ANA on me. I got the results today and the ANA pattern is speckled with the antibodies titer at 1:320 with flag references A and H. I'm glad that I have a little bit of info as far as my aches and pains, however, I'm really upset that the other rheumatologist I saw refused to do the ANA a year ago!
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