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Found 2 results

  1. Hello All From spending time on the forums I've noticed that most people post about systemic forms of scleroderma as opposed to localised forms of scleroderma. As I have both localised and systemic scleroderma I thought I'd give a shout out for the localised forms, in particular morphea, as that's the one I have. I have uploaded onto the Sclero Forums Photo Gallery various photos of my morphea patches some of which are rather large. I think in total I have over 20 patches on my legs and there seems to be a new one everyday. The ones on my thighs are the largest and they itch unless I keep them moisturised. Unfortunately the patches have disfigured my legs, when I'm outside my legs are covered and will always be, even when morphea stops progressing the patches remain as the damage is done. Have a read of our morphea pages to find out more about this form of scleroderma. Let's not forget bullous morphea, a rare, blistering form of morphea, the link takes you to a picture of my calf two (?) years ago and here is a photo of the same calf now where the bullous morphea has burst and ulcerated. Look at what linear scleroderma can do, it's a line of thickened skin but it can affect the bones and muscles underneath it limiting the motion of the affected joints and muscles. What I find amazing about scleroderma, amazing as in can there be such a relentless, unforgiving disease, is that even the localised forms, that don't affect the internal organs or reduce life expectancy, can disfigure, disable and devastate. Have a look at our series of Scleroderma Videos , especially the videos about localised scleroderma, morphea and linear. Whatever form of scleroderma you have I hope you'll find these forums are the place for you and take care.
  2. Picture of bullous morphea patches that burst and ulcerated and are surrounded by stasis eczema
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