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Found 10 results

  1. I have read many different treatments for digital ulcers on this website and others. Currently I am in the middle of switching Rheumatologist since my current Dr. does not feel he is qualified. I am being transferred to KU Med, one of the best in Kansas. But I will not be seeing him until the 11th of next month. I also broke my ankle and just got over a staph infection where they inserted the plate into my tibia. It left a hole in my ankle so I am seeing a wound treatment facility for that. I asked them how to treat the ulcers and they said to paint them with betadine which helps along with bu
  2. I recently returned from a 2,400 mile round trip road trip with my husband to attend the wedding of a good friend's daughter. It was wonderful, a country barbecue, very different from the over-the-top extravaganzas held where I live. This trip would have been impossible for me in the past, between fatigue and dialysis and I am thrilled that I was able to do it! At the wedding I met a man I had heard about for years through our friend and other mutual friends. The stories I heard were very interesting. I knew he had his legs amputated and had a handicapped accessible van for his wheelchair.
  3. Hi there Have just visited my mum and found that she has an ulcer forming (about 2 weeks she said, but not mentioned previously) on her right thumb. It's not been dressed and she was trying to use the first two fingers instead of thumb and fore-finger yesterday, so it's obviously painful and difficult especially when eating. This has happened before, most recently on her finger when it was not recognised, became infected, was diagnosed as frost bite and subsequently had to be amputated. A horrible and protracted experience all round. I have recently had a trigger thumb release a
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