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Registration Terms

Please note: Spammers and spambots applying to his forum are automatically blacklisted worldwide with our excellent moderating and anti-spam system.

* Existing Members: Did you forget your password or can't log in?  If that doesn't fix it, delete your browser Cookies because sometimes they crumble and prevent logins. Still problems? Don't give up! Call us at 1-800-564-7099 or email [email protected].

Forum Guidelines Highlights
Our forum is a free service of the nonprofit International Scleroderma Network (ISN) at www.sclero.org.

We have a global mission of excellence, and we really need (and appreciate) your understanding and help to uphold it in every way. We provide services for friendly people who are interested in receiving only stellar information and support for scleroderma and related illnesses.

This is a moderated forum. Our volunteer moderating team provides daily coverage, even on holidays. Sometimes it may take up to several hours for submitted messages to be approved. We edit many messages to make them guideline's compliant or more readable.

Mainstream Scientific We focus only on proven remedies and legitimate studies from mainstream scientific studies.

Freedom of Speech means that you may say anything you wanton your own website, and at your own legal risk, but not on ours.

Our Limits We have the ISN mission to uphold. Therefore this is not a suitable soapbox, sales prospect, personal fundraiser, suicide hotline, emergency assistant, recruiting ground, social worker, disability, financial or legal adviser, pulpit, or political platform for any of us. Do not join if all you want to do is sell, rant, seduce, or recruit.

Nondiscrimination We welcome people of every age, color, country, disability, race, religion, sex, and sexual orientation. Many of us need to translate posts into other languages or Braille, so we try to use proper spelling and normal punctuation and grammar. We keep in mind that using all capital letters is considered to be "yelling" on the internet.

Neutral Zone Our mission requires language that is appropriate for all ages, cultures, beliefs, and countries. Therefore we all avoid cursing, swearing, "instant messaging" abbreviations (like LOL, we use emoticons instead), and slang. We use real words, and spell them out.

Sales and Recruiting To minimize intrusive sales pitches, we only mention specific organizations, websites, products, brands or stores that are listed on our main www.sclero.org website. We use generic terms like "hand lotion" or "baby shampoo"or just bypass the topic altogether.

Graphics and Quotes Use great caution about copyrights. It is always okay to quote from and link to any pages of our main sclero.org website, so freely use our resource in your forum posts.

Safety and Privacy Our forum messages can be read by everyone, including our spouses, children, doctors, employers, disability examiners, friends, neighbors, credit agencies, landlords, schools, insurance examiners, lawyers, thieves, cyber-criminals, police, courts, stalkers, pedophiles, ex-mates, and potential employers, even many years later. We all avoid indications of taking strong or addictive medications so that we are not victimized by drug dealers or abusers.

For your personal safety, avoid using your real name on any public forum. Create a nickname instead!

I understand these are just highlights, and I promise to read the full Sclero Forums Guidelines, no matter how boring they are. Even if I've never ready any forum guidelines in my entire life.Honest!

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