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I'm happy today because....

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Oh Patty,

I'm so happy that you found our family too :happy-day:


I'm happy today because: Hubby and I just celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary (yesterday).

I'm happy today because: The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day!

I'm happy today because: We got two rooms painted and also got moved into the upstairs bedroom (after 3 years) ...Mom is thrilled that we are closer in location to her (at night).

I'm happy today because: Hubby is cooking dinner! :emoticons-yes:

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Today the weather is going to be warm- about 80, and I finally going to get to one of my last serious projects to finish before winter. I'm going to seal the back door on the hay shed.

I built the shed myself in my more active days but didn't get the door area right- it faces the direction the rain is driven by winter storms and leaks, spoiling hay.

I feel energetic and good so today is the day. Out I go right now to feed the creatures then fix the door. I love the feeling of being ready for the long, stormy winter.

Ah- life on the little farmlette- this is what I wanted all my life and it is good still.

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My handsome hubby and I just had 2 wonderful weeks of vacation together, one week of it in a cabin on a salmon river with no phone, TV, or internet and no worries back home because the kids were taking care of everything! We spent 3 days going and 4 days returning driving through a big chunk of the US that we had never seen before. My husband came back so relaxed he forgot to set his alarm clock to go back to work today! :P

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Jeannie, I'm thrilled that you had such a delightful vacation. We all need to refresh and restore. And it sounds like you did it up beautifully!


We also vacation to places with no TV, no internet, and usually even no phone signal. Unfortunately those sort of get-aways are starting to fall by the wayside. Pretty soon, I can see places charging even more for "non-amenities" like no TV, no internet, for those who need the tech break (which I believe we all do, regularly, lest our brains, figure and fingers all turn to mush.)


Good for you for doing it up, in style!

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Yesterday and today, summer sneaked back- yesterday it was 90 degrees. Days like this are a gift before the freezes and snow that make everything just a little bit harder. Also it gives a small boost to the last of the strawberries in the garden- yum yum.

Yep- you probably guessed that strawberries made me happy today. Warm with the afternoon sun and juicy enough to dribble down the chin.

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Welcome to the Forum, Felicia!! :bye:


I'm feeling happy today because 1) I've been offered an exciting new position, :VeryHappy: 2) a friend of mine was able to join in our circuit class at the gym. He had a series of strokes last year & was very poorly, but has made a marvellous recovery & it was so lovely to have him back with the rest of the class again.


Finally I ran 10 kilometres in 56 minutes and 10 seconds & my lungs & joints felt quite good after it, so many, many thanks to the wonderful team at The Royal Brompton Hospital.......without their marvellous treatment my quality of life would not be so good!! :VeryHappy:

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Welcome to the forums!!!! Sorry to hear you are having problems. Please make sure your doctor is aware of what's going on. We'd love for you to post a introduction of yourself to the Main Sclero forum. Everyone would love to get to know you.


Joelf - Congratulations on your new position and awesome physical achievement!!!!! Also glad to hear about the success of our friend. You are having a great day!

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