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I'm happy today because....

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]I'm happy today because I found my ring![/color] :VeryHappy: And you won't believe where...I had searched my pocketbook thinking it might have fallen off in there to no avail. Today I was getting my pen out of the side pocket and there was something around it, MY Ring! so strange a place but at least it showed up.



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Because I crocheted a hat today. Well- every night this week anyway.


When my Mom was in the hospital ten years ago, I bought a skein of yarn and some crochet hooks so I would have something to do when I was just sitting there with her. No instruction books, so all I ever did was chain a line then experiment on returning. Not a great success.


I recently ran into the yarn and hooks and thought that I would try again. I had seen a couple of shows on the television and at least had a small clue. I just kept trying things until I actually made progress. It's a funny looking thing that would be too embarrassing to wear anywhere but I have it on my computer desk for those times when I have trouble keeping warm.


And it only took ten years. :)

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Hi, Everyone


You guys, (girls) are all so wonderful!! Always make me laugh and cry!! :wub:


I have been very happy :) lately because my sister and I have spent some time shopping at our local store, and then we were able to go out to eat; this was a great time for me!! Funny how little things I used to take for granted mean so very much now.


Anyhow as for myself, I've had some trouble breathing lately so I quit smoking about 4 months ago. Well, I went to the doctors a few days ago and he told me I have a mild obstruction with my breathing; he is also testing me for scleroderma and other things since I been having some problems with my arms and hands and feet hurting and getting numb. I was afraid to go to the doctors at first, but after watching my sister suffer as she has, nothing could be worse than what I watched her go through.


Anyhow just wanted to drop in and tell you all how very much you mean to me :wub: These forums have truly helped me survive some very rough times.


All my love!! NorthStarHope :wub: :emoticon-hug: :wub:

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NorthStarHope, this post of yours, about you and your sister being able to spend quality time together... truly warms my heart :wub: . I know how much you must have longed for such time to enjoy with her.


However, I am hopeful that the symptoms you have been displaying, ebb, as you've made a great step in the right direction by stopping the smokes. Congratulations! Yet, I am relieved to see that you have been to a doctor and are being properly checked out...Whew!


Please keep us posted as you hear more, please?


Soft :emoticon-hug: s to help you feel better!

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