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I'm happy today because....

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It's my favourite type of weather (ironically!).  The sun is shining, there not a cloud in the sky and it is very crisp (freezing).  It's so hard to sit here at my desk and work... which is why I am on this forum.  I am listening to birds singing.  The days are stretching.  I did not need dipped headlights on the way to work and I think I might even see daylight when I get home.  I really want to get my layers on and give my legs a good stretch...  Before I do that I reckon I have some work to do.  Hope you are all having a good day wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

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It certainly brightens my day to be involved with ISN, dear Shelley; not least because of all the super people I've met!


I'm happy today, because I should get my new teeth on Tuesday; Hollywood smile.....here I come!! ;) :emoticons-yes:

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Hi NorthStarHope,


It's great to hear from you again!


How lovely that you have a new puppy; I love dogs and although ours are getting a bit long in the tooth now (rather like me! ;) ) we've had so much pleasure from them.


May you have years of fun and enjoyment with your pup! :emoticons-clap:


Kind regards,

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Oh my goodness. It's hard to believe that it's been five years already, Miocean!


What a delightful thing to rejoice in. Nothing can make me much happier than to join in the Sclero Happy Dance!!


:balloons: :emoticons-line-dance: Happy Anniversary Miocean! :emoticons-line-dance: :balloons:


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