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Nail changes

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I am not sure what is happening, but on Monday I noticed that my nails now have a blue/purplish tint to them, just below the lunula (the half moon white shaped cuticle bit). It follows the curved line of the lunula for about 3mm and then it is just normal pink nail bed.


I woke up this morning and now noticed that the lunula is now no longer white, it too is changing colour to a purple-y colour.


It doesn't seem to have anything to do with hot or cold like Raynaud's. I don't really have what I would call Raynaud's anyway. My finger tips will sometimes get pale when I am cold, but I have never had any major colour changes with them.


But hot or cold doesn't have anything to do with this at all I think, it is the nail bed that is taking on a new colour.


Any ideas would be welcome. Its just so weird that it has happened in a few days. The only thing I have done differently over the last couple of weeks is reduce my Amitriptyline from 20mgs down to 5mgs.


Another thing I should add, and not sure if this is relevant either, is that I have had horizontal ridges continually over the last year on my nails and in the last 3 months I have now developed tiny indents like someone has put a pin in my nails and the ridging is slowing down and getting further apart as I get more pitting.


I am still undiagnosed, just tentatively sitting with UCTD.



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Hi Kiwimum03,


We've got a good section on fingernails, cuticles, and nailfolds with lots of useful links and information. I haven't heard of discoloration of the lunula itself, but am certainly familiar with the horizontal ridges and pitting!


When you see your doctor next, you might want to point out the nail changes. I could be completely off base (in fact, I'm not even sure where the base is and neither is anyone on my favorite baseball team), but I doubt the symptom is caused by your change in medication and might be more likely due to capillary dropout.


Warm hugs,

Jeannie McClelland

(Retired) ISN Director of Support Services

(Retired) ISN Sclero Forums Manager

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International Scleroderma Network

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Hi Kiwimum ,


If my nails were blue/purpleish, I would be on the phone to the doctor and see if I had a lung problem. It sounds like not enough Oxygen in your sysytem. Just my two cents worth, though!!! Keep us posted on what you find out.


Take care, Everyone.


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Thanks Jeannie and Margaret,


Yes I think a visit to the doctor is in order. I was foolishly hoping it would go away, but even my husband noticed this morning that it was worse.


Interesting you mention lungs Margaret, as I had a work-up for Pulmonary Hypertenson late last year as it was indicated on my last chest-xray.


But as I have scoliosis they can never get a good views of my heart and they couldn't check the valve output. So I did an Exercise Stress Test, which was normal and since I had no other problems apart from a funny x-ray, they left it at that.


They said if I did have any problems in the future that indicated Pulmonary Hypertension then they would do a Right Heart Catheter test.


My father had a couple of Catheters horror stories when he had it done, and I am terrified! But of course if it needs to be done....


When thinking about it all, I have also had a hoarse voice for the last 2 months, which my general practitioner has been treating with Solox as she assumes it is from my Gastritis, but the Solox is not helping and I still have the hoarseness, and lately a bit of pain and pressure in the chest and back. Its so hard to know what indicates Reflux and what warrants further investigation.


I also developed Postural Hypertension last year, but again as it was a stand alone symptoms my doctors weren't worried about it.


*sigh* I have gone 4 years with no definite answers, only that I MIGHT have Lupus, so I haven't posted on the boards in a long time (but still read).


But as my ANA has changed from Homogenous back to Diffuse Nucleolar pattern, I thought that perhaps I had better investigate scleroderma even though my doctors don't feel that's what it is.


Thanks for listening to my rambles!!! I really appreciate it.

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Thanks Andrea,


I'm still waiting to see the doctor, but in the meantime I think I have realized that is probably Raynaud's just presenting in a different fashion.


I have had the discolouration in my nails for a week, but the last two days in a row, my hands have gotten very cold, gone white and my nails a startling dark purple! (not the skin, just the nails) It is also much worse at night.


I finally got my hands warm again last night and my nails and hands went pinky red and sore.


It has kind of taken me by surprise, I didn't think Raynaud's just kind of 'popped up', but then it has to start somewhere doesn't it.


Thanks again for listening!

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Dear Kiwi and girls,


Well my nails also have reddish/bluish change in colour, especially thumb. Also heavily disfigured vertical lines. All probably not connected to Raynaud's. So far lungs oxygenation is okay. I presume no connection with oxygen saturation.


Have no idea what this could be, but not one of the doctors pays attention. I also decided to neglect. What else can be done?!





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Good luck with your nails. My nails were the first indication of CREST and in a way they have kept me aware of more changes - nails now curving down.

Best wishes.

KayTee :bye:

Kay Tee

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