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I posted in my six minute walk test post that the scleroderma doctor gave me the wrong report for the test. It is partially the fault of the pulmonary department because they sent her the results from the test done in 2005 but she is the professional and should have checked. I also got a copy of her report from March from my kidney doctor and in it she wrote that I had a failed kidney transplant in 2007!!!! I had her correct that at this last visit. She also said I was on Enbrel which I never was because insurance turned it down. I was going through my test results from the kidney transplant department at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL and they said I had a LIVER TRANSPLANT! I have found that some doctors are reluctant to give you reports but I think we must insist. I know there have been many cuts and doctors are short staffed but there really is no excuse. Have you had similar experiences?



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Hi miocean,


Yes, I have had many similar experiences, including being listed as a "heart transplant patient" in one record. I think this came about because I mentioned that my husband was waiting for a lung transplant while the doctor was paying half-attention.


That is why I always say, we should all get copies of our medical records, all the time. Otherwise you really don't know what kind of care you are getting, or what they are basing your treatment plan on.


Good on you for surviving all those fake transplants!

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Hello Miocean


That's outrageous, funny for us to read but still outrageous! I get copies of every report from my rheumatologist, mainly because I like the hours of fun searching the net admittedly, but nevertheless I can be aware of who knows what. When I had my trip to A&E my copy of the rheumatologists reports went with me so I could make sure they knew what was what with me even if they knew nothing about scleroderma.


I imagine that in the US it could have insurance implications having inaccurate information in your medical file. I'm glad you're aware of it so you can correct it.


Take care.

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I get copies of my labs and test but getting doctors notes is a different problem. I have had lots of errors in my records. There have been only minor medical problems because of errors. There was a legal one that I was afraid would cause a problem. That was after an automobile crash the doctor said "the seat belt gave way". We had to sue to get the claim paid. Lawsuits and insurance scams as they are I was glad it wasn't a problem. They could have blamed the auto manufacturer.



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Hi Miocean,


That's a pretty impressive list for such a short period of time. I've had a few, most recently in a report the from the first pulmonary hypertension specialist I was referred to that was sent to my pulmonologist. I hadn't liked the doctor in the first place - at the first appointment she'd scared my husband into the blue willies and at each one after that she was just plain rude and dismissive. When I read the report and saw all of the errors, I wrote a rebuttal and insisted it be put in all of my records. It did make a difference in the care I received subsequently and 'cleared' my rheumatologist of something she had accused him of. I was about due for my next appointment when she left the area and I was assigned to the head of the department. You should have seen my happy dance!


It is worth the time to have errors corrected and since they are your records, you are certainly entitled to a copy. It costs little and it is not the doctor's time that is taken - it is some administrative person who is undoubted glad of the job security!


Warm hugs,

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I have come to the conclusion that it is up to us to make sure everything happens correctly, documented correctly. I have full control over all of my medical records. I have complete copies at my house, I'm the one that makes sure this test or that chart note gets to the specialist. Within one week of being seen anywhere, I call, and ask for a copy of whatever was done that day. I read it, and often times ask them to amend it. Really ticks me off when they say, "Ears, nose and throat were normal" when they NEVER asked me to even open my mouth, nor came close to picking up an otoscope! I am probably a bit of a pain in some of my providers side, but too bad. It's my life, my health, my benefits, and my treatment. :emoticons-yes: More power to the people that take control of that. :D

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