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What is mepacrine? Have you been on it?

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Hello Everyone


Well, the jury is in and I am again on immuno-suppression for the second time!!


After my plaquenil disaster in April, the consultant has requested I start on 100mg of mepacrine and cardene (nicardipine). I've read up online about mepacine, it's scary, my skin could turn yellow; would be a change from white, pinky mottled I guess!! But joking apart I'm really scared of these drugs. I've lost my confidence I guess. Normally I take it all in my stride but I'm really frightened about it this time.


Is it normal to take this types of drugs so early after been diagnosed? It's just a year for me, is the thinking to nip it early to prevent the disease getting out of hand, i.e. prevention is better than cure?


If any of you have been on mepacrine I would value your input about this drug, would you help me please.


Warm hugs and thanks,


Lynn xx

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Apparently mepacrine is an Antimalarial like Plaquenil and Hydroxychloroquine. I haven't been on any of them, but several people on this forum have been on similar meds. I'm sure they'll chime in. You can check out the link and read up on it.


In answer to your other question, I was put on an immunosuppressants a couple of days after diagnosis to slow the progression of the disease. It worked for me. I hope you find the right meds for you.

Janey Willis

ISN Support Specialist

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International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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<<after my plaquenil disaster in april, the consultant has requested via my general practitioner to start on a 100mg mepacrine+cardene(nicardipine)ive read up online about mepacine,>>


Hi Lynnie ,


I was told by my son's rheumatologist that Plaquenil (and similar meds) are usually tried first to 'jump start the immune system' into working properly. It may save going straight to immuno suppressant meds that could deplete the immune system and lead to more infections. Sorry the Plaquenil didn't work for you but perhaps the mepacine may help. If it doesn't, then you can always go off it.


Take care, Everyone.


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My sister was on an anti malarial, don't know which one, and she resembled an uncooked, corn fed chicken! :lol: Seriously she wasn't that yellow but I found it highly amusing, I should have offered her a roasting tin! :lol: Well why not, her diagnosis was changed from follicular lupus to something lesser and I still have sclero! :angry:

Amanda Thorpe

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unsure.gif Well guys I've started the cardene last Wednesday and so far so good, but it's early days so onward and forward!!


My pharmacist rang to say the consultant had emailed my general practitioner and reduced the immuno-supressant to 50mg instead of 100mg daily. I've got them on my table and I keep looking at them waiting for the courage to pop one in my mouth, so far I haven't found it! I don't know why I'm so scared of these drugs...I know am being a wuss but I'm scared of it and that's that!!


Thanks for the feed back I'll keep you posted how it goes...well when I take them that is!


Warm thoughts to all.

lynn xxx unsure.gif

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Lynnie, do you have anyone who could stay with you for a few days while you try the new medication or that you could stay with? That way, the minute you had any adverse effects, not saying that you would, help would be right there? Whenever I have to try a new antibiotic, I get the prescription filled at the pharmacy (chemist) next to the doctor's and take the first dose in the waiting room. My reactions have always been quick, so that way works for me. Sometimes just having someone around gives us the courage to do what we need to do. People talk about irrational fears - I don't believe any fear is irrational. There is always a good reason for it, even if our conscious mind doesn't know what it is.


Warm hugs,

Jeannie McClelland

(Retired) ISN Director of Support Services

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International Scleroderma Network

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