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Does It Look Like A Topic Disappeared?

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Hi everybody,

You may notice that some topics look like they have disappeared all of a sudden. Have no fear, they didn't disappear, they were just moved into the new subforum.

We thought it would be a good idea to keep all of the topics relevant to how to work things in the new forum in one place and all of the topics focused on scleroderma in another. So, please go check out the new subforum....and if you have questions about how to post, reply, etc., please post it in this new subforum.



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And we will be continually moving topics into appropriate forums whenever we realize there is a more appropriate place for them.


Use the "Search" feature in the Forum to find all the messages you have posted by just entering your username. Or enter a key word from a particular post you are looking for.


Odds are very good that your wonderful posts are still here, and they were most likely moved to the new subforum (above) just recently.

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Another reason for posts that do not appear in the forum, or that are in the forum and disappear, is that they may have been deleted.

Members are able to delete their own posts, which they might do if they had second thoughts about it or if they decide to post another version.

Moderators are also able to delete any post, at any time, for any reason -- as part of a general clean-up, after moving the topic to another subforum, or because the post does not meet our guidelines and cannot easily be edited to fit them.

Several of the most popular reasons for edited, unposted or deleted messages include brand names or links not mentioned on our main site, sales-oriented messages, and quoting from another author or source.

The only quotes we allow must be from sources listed on our main site, that are very brief (less than 4 sentences) and that include a direct link to the full text by the original author. It is never okay to quote from another source without including quote marks and attribution, in an effort to bypass the copyright guidelines.

However, it is fine to quote more extensively from our own website, www.sclero.org, but please include a link to the quoted page.

Our Forum Guidelines explain that posts may be edited or deleted at any time, for any reason, and without explanation. We do not write and ask for revision requests anymore, like with the old forum.

We also no longer explain the reason for the edit or deletion, other than to refer people to the Forum Guidelines again. This helps keep us focused on delivering general support for scleroderma, within the very limited scope of our mission.

To be a contented member of this forum, expect to see some surprising edits of messages that you thought were fabulous (that happens to ALL of us!), and expect to have perhaps some of your most brilliant posts never see the light of day. Be sure to save a copy of such messages on your hard drive before you submit, lest your literary gems be lost forever. You might find another appropriate venue for them later on!

Just because something isn't published here, or disappears, doesn't mean that the message was "bad", simply that it doesn't meet all of the intricate guidelines that are necessary to keep this forum running smoothly, legally, and basically on the general topic of scleroderma and related illnesses.

Active participation in the forum means that inevitably many messages are edited or remain unposted. But chin up! Just shrug it off, and try again, with another topic, another post, another approach. Messages that do get posted may make a whole world of difference to someone in need, which makes the entire process very worthwhile.

Submitting any message at all shows you care, and we all appreciate that! Go with the idea that it is better to submit a post and have it edited or deleted (and perhaps learn from it, which is optional) than never to submit a post at all.

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Just wanted to remind everyone to check the subforum, "How to....." for new messages as well as this main forum.


I just moved several "how to" messages/questions into the subforum, so make sure you go there and read those posts as well!


Warm wishes to all,


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I apologize to everyone for trying a cute webmaster trick (called software upgrade) and neatly erasing the entire forum for a spell.


We're back in business now. If you submitted a message within the last hour and it is not appearing in the forum, it's only due to my interesting learning experiences. Please resubmit it.


I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I still need to perform the upgrade, but next time I'll try it at a later hour.

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Hi everyone,


Don't forget to check out messages in the "How to Subforum" above also! Especially if you are experiencing difficulty with some aspect of the forum or another....there might be a message on here that talks directly to that difficulty. Or, if not, post a question here and we can try to help you.


Warm wishes,


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