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Lung bullous cyst....

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Ok, so I'm in pain anyway, might as well add some chest pain and more labored breathing, so went to my regular doctor, who ordered a CAT scan, and now I'm told I have a bullous cyst in my right lung...Anyone else have this? Gonna talk to the Pulmonologist tomorrow, hopefully she's in, if not I'll have wait til Monday. At this point, I'm like whatever, lets get on with it...what do we do to fix or manage this..What a year it's been. Anyway, does anyone know anything about this or have experience with this?

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Hi Susie,


We have a section on Bullous Morphea, but I'm not sure how or if that relates to a bullous cyst in the lung.


At the bottom is some information gleaned from searching the internet, which doesn't really tell you much, but at least you'll be able to wow your pulmonologist with the proper terminology and pronunciation. I wish you didn't have this (or the pain), hopefully they'll get it all sorted out soon. Let us know what your doctor says, OK?


Best wishes, always,




Bulla terminology o One of them is a bulla


o Two or more of them are bullae (pronounced bully)


o Diseases which contain bullae are bullous diseases




Definition o Thin-walled–less than 1 mm


o Air-filled space


o Contained within the lung


o 1 cm in size when distended


o Walls may be formed by pleura, septa, or compressed lung tissue

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