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Major Calcinosis Surgery

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I'm having a major surgery in a few weeks to remove a growing calcinosis mass in my hip/pelvis area. Of course, I have scleroderma. After the surgery to remove the mass, they will insert a negative pressure sponge for drainge and to stimulate the regrowth of tissue from the excised region. Then they sew me up and wait for 3-4 days.


At that time, they will reopen the area to check whether the tissue is healthy and on its way to a successful healing.


I am a bit concerned that they have to leave the sponge pack in me and then reopen me so soon after the main surgery.


Has anyone ever heard of this type of sponge pack and the quick follow-up surgery? Any suggestions, observations or comments would be very appreciated.


Thank You!

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I have had many many surgeries for calcinosis but I have never had that done with the sponge but people are different. Maybe it is a large area?


I would not worry about it; I am sure you will do fine. You will feel better after you get those deposits out.


Good luck!



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