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Just a reminder about the use of ####'s, ****'s, or anything else that is meant to signify a banned word. Please don't use these symbols this way. I know there are times that just seem to call for it, but just think it, OK?


The Guideline state:


Cursing and swearing are out too. For many of us, it is so much a part of our language, we don't even realize it until the bad words filter substitutes ****** or ##### in the text box. Some of the more seemingly benign swear words are actually substitutes for religious epithets, and so hit two neutral zone points in one blow. Some words may be swear words in one context but perfectly usable in another. When in doubt, we leave it out. There are many better ways to make a point. (We have a nice selection of emoticons (clickable smilies) which are quite expressive. cool.gif


So, our mind does a reverse filter and comes up with the naughty word of our choice, doesn't it? :blush: And in the end, that's just about the same as using the word itself.


Using graphic symbols that have no referent in languages other than English is pretty confusing to the reader too. We can all figure out what a smiling or frowning face means though!



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