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Update: Emergency room Thursday

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Hi everyone!! Hope everybody had a nice holiday. As usual, the adventures continue for me - lol. I went to the emergency room Thursday afternoon. I really thought I was not going to make it this time. Symptoms were really strange for me: wheezing, breathing fast and then it got really shallow, bad headache, and heaviness in my chest. Well, ER doctor couldn't figure it all out but said he promised they would not send me home until we got answers. He turns me over to my primary physician and has me admitted. So, I leave the ER and go to a room upstairs. Next morning my primary says it is probably "asthma" which I have never had in my life. Oh, forgot--my oxygen saturation level was below 90 and at times 85 or so and my blood pressure was very erratic. They gave me some breathing treatments which helped but did poorly on getting my gastro meds to me on time so I ended up with severe diarrhea. They sent me home in this condition! He did send me home with a z-pak type antibiotic and prednisone pak.


Well, this morning I still could barely walk across the floor at all and had this overwhelming feeling I wasn't doing well at all. Kept feeling like I was barely breathing. My daughter had arrived Thursday night so she was trying to get to the bottom of it all. My primary had refused to put her on speaker phone to hear his decisions, etc. So this morning she called my rheumatologist's office and talked to the doctor on call. He was very nice to her and knew immediately she has some kind of nursing skills. She had been in nursing school a couple of years before her husband passed away. Anyway, he agreed with her I needed a CT scan of the lungs and probably a brain scan and heart cath. He said to go to the hospital where they do most of their work and maybe they would at least do the CT of the lung and if admitted he would come see me. We went and they checked me out really well. They talked to the rheumatologist and did the CT of the lungs. Decided against doing the brain because he said that would be a lot of radiation at one time. I'd had a heart cath last year so he let that go for now and said to follow up on that. The lungs were clear--no pulmonary problems. YES!!!!


They did find a small aneurysm in the artery leading to a kidney but said it was very small but will have to keep checking it.


He said my primary was closer than I thought. He said I probably caught a virus on my trip to Virginia. He said it would be just the right amount of days for it to show up. Hit me harder because of the sclero, etc. So he listed it as bronchitis--says I had not taken the prednisone long enough to see a major difference yet. He got the report from the other hospital stay and said Thursday night I was in a lot of distress. Thank goodness I made it through everything and am feeling better tonight. Now to explain why I went to another hospital when I see my primary Wednesday---oops! Important thing is I am feeling better.


Hope to answer my email tomorrow or the next day so don't give up on me.



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Hello Tngrits


It's scary when you have a sudden onset of things to do with breathing/heart/chest because it could be something serious then factor into that having to deal with emergency care staff who may never have heard of sclero...! When I had my trip to A&E the paramedics couldn't even pronounce scleroderma let alone know what it was!


I am glad you're feeling better now and hope it stays that way. :flowers:


Take care.

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Jeannie - too funny! You gave me a much needed laugh. I will remember that come Wednesday.

Amanda - hugs girlfriend!!

Feeling better today thank goodness. Just fighting diarrhea (probably from antibiotics).


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