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Is anyone out there taking Minipress? I am just curious. I've read about it but I don't remember anyone on this board mentioning being on it.




Mary in Texas

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Guest Sherrill

Hi Mary,


I think some time ago I saw someone saying they were on Minipress. Maybe they will see your post and reply.


Minipress is also known as Prazosin. It is from the class of anti-hypertensives known as alpha blockers, also called alpha-adrenergic antagonists.


Here's a link about them from the Mayo Clinic:

Alpha Blockers.


There are others in this class, and I take one of them called Doxazosin, also known as Cardura.


The Mayo Clinic says:

Though alpha blockers are commonly used to treat high blood pressure, they're typically not preferred as the first treatment option. Instead, they're often used in combination with other drugs when your high blood pressure is difficult to control.

This is what happened with me. My BP was stable for some time, then started rising and the doctors couldn't find a suitable med to control it. I can't take ACE inhibitors, as one of the side effects - coughing - affects me badly. Also they don't work on me either! :unsure:


Eventually the combination that the doctors and I found reasonable was Diltiazem 360mg (a calcium channel blocker), and Doxazosin 3mg morn. and evening. The doctor said that Doxazosin was only a fourth choice med, but it did seem to work. My BP was quite scary really, and was commonly over 200/100, at one stage reaching 230/120!! I thought I was a candidate for a stroke! :(


Anyway, the two together started working quite quickly, but just recently my BP has been rising again, though not nearly as high as previously. I don't know what they'll do this time, and the fact that I am also a renal failure patient makes it even more difficult, as the kidneys play a large part in controlling the blood pressure.


You will be interested however, in the fact that both meds I am on are also prescribed for Raynaud's and mine is very well controlled!


Warm hugs,

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