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Welcome to Sclero Forums! We're delighted to have you join us, and hope we can help you find the comfort and information you need to deal with scleroderma or related illnesses.


We are really looking forward to having you join us as an active and supportive member, and we strongly encourage you to give lots of thoughtfulness and cyber hugs to other members, even if you don't have any specific advice for them. Remember, we always welcome links to pages in our sclero.org website, so browsing the main site is often a good way for you to try to answer questions posed by other members.


You have to start somewhere, sometime. So why not read the Sclero Forums Guidelines -- we have unusual guidelines because we serve a global audience and need to uphold high standards of excellence. This is not your usual "anything goes" sort of forum but that is also what makes us so cyber-special.


Then just post a message now -- right here, in the MAIN Forum -- it doesn't have to be long or complicated, in fact a short one is probably best to get the hang of things. Check back to see if it's been accepted or edited, and read the guidelines again if you don't understand why changes were made. Eventually you'll get the hang of posting messages ready for rapid review and approval.


We are glad you found us and eager to be of help, as we all tackle the challenges of scleroderma and related illnesses, together.

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