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Lil Dee

My first annual check up

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I had enough of waiting for my rheumatologist appointment details to arrive and asked my doctor to write and ask them to see me asap, as I have started to suffer with pain in my hands/Achilles.


Well, my main man is off on holiday, so I get to see (another) of his assistants, who casually mentions that I was "supposed to come see them in August." Really ? Well, I didn't get an appointment through until now. "Well, we sent for you in August" :emoticon-bang-head:


Then, he starts asking how my time on the Hydroxychloroquine is going, and I explain I've only been on it 8 weeks....he asks why, when they last saw me six months ago, and I explain that I had to wait for the Ophthalmology t/test that my doctor insisted on, to reassure himself that he was Ok to prescribe it to me. :emoticon-bang-head:


Next on the agenda was my Achilles tendon, which I am waiting for physio on....and have now been waiting not weeks but months for an appointment. :emoticon-bang-head:


At this point, I wanted to go home already !!!


Still, we managed to talk about other stuff and he has referred me for my annual echo-cardiogram and lung function test etc. and has suggested that I up my Hydro'quine, so hopefully that will start to kick in (I'm throwing Ibuprofen down my neck several times a day) and I can start to have a social life too !!


He's asked to see me again in 4 months....and I suspect that he suspects that I may have Lupus, which is what I thought I had in the very beginning.....ho hum


Oh, and I gave about ten vials of blood, and my arm hurts.

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Hello Lil'Dee


Ah yes the appointments we don't get notification of, have had many of them! A friend who works at th Royal Free rang me to say she'd looked out for me and missed me...really?! never got notification of the appointment so wasn't at the hospital!


We always have high hopes for our rheumatology appointments because we're seeing the "expert" having waited months to see them during which time we've worked up loads of questions and high expectations. Just being told to continue with a current medication by the "assistant" can feel a bit of a let down. Yes, you have to bleed for the cause!


Take care and keep posting.

Amanda Thorpe

ISN Sclero Forums Senior Support Specialist

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International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Oh, Amanda, I think I'd just had enough when I posted was just so annoying to have the 'assistant' frowning at me about the length of time everything seems to have taken with me. I felt as though he was blaming me for the delays (which I know is my paranoia kicking in) and I was really down by the time I got home...


I have made a positive decision today though, and have applied to work a four day week for a while, to see how that suits me & my fatigue, whilst the Hydroxy'quin kicks in, and then I'm hoping to come back to my full working week. I am in a fortunate position of being able to request this at the moment, so I'm taking full advantage. :VeryHappy:

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