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I m feeling a little better today so my hubby took me out to eat,great I was so exited and scared(i can not use the knife yet) is being a while so, i got pretty and jump in the van,we went to a fish restaurant ,food was great and I don't need a knife to eat fish..laugh out loud..so I relaxed,and enjoyed the company,had a wonderful time so I share..


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I'm so glad to hear that you and hubby had a nice evening out! Now that you know it is doable, you should make it a regular date. A marriage should never get too old for date night. Since you can't use a knife - fish was a great idea!


thanks for much for sharing!

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Hi Patty


It sounds like you & your husband had a lovely evening together.


I agree with Janey; it's great that you can enjoy going out again & having a good meal. I like fish too (especially salmon) & I can also recommend soup, which I had when I broke my wrist & had to go out with my arm in a sling!! ;) :lol:


Thanks again for sharing! :VeryHappy:

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