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Crumbling tooth

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Finally made it to the dentist, I had an xray taken, decay in the centre of the tooth right down to the roots :temper-tantrum: . I was asked whether I was in any pain, so I said no, only slightly if I eat on that side of the mouth. So, I had it filled, the dentist put a child's block into my mouth, so I could relax my jaw, and even that block was too big :( .


The dentist mentioned that I hardly had any saliva in my mouth, which I suspected anyway, so It looks like I have Sjrogren's, I also have dry itchy eyes. Later on in the day, my tooth started to really throb, so I called the dentist, and she mentioned that there was a lot of trauma, with the filling and all to the tooth, and to give it some time to heal. If the tooth was still throbbing in the next 24 hours, I may have to have it pulled out. So I zonked myself out with pain medication,and slept all night, and woke up this morning, with no pain. So, hopefully things have started to settle down.


Best wishes



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Hi Summer


That's good news that you're not in pain now and the tooth seems to have settled down.


Hopefully you won't get any more trouble with that particular tooth; like you, I've found that all my teeth seem to ache for a while, after a heavy session at the dentists.

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